Anyone Want To See What’s In Dane’s Drawers?

Remember her? Dane found her in his drawers!

A huge thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Dane Anderson for spending his free time fishing around in his drawers. I am always happily surprised what people find. This week, Dane was able to find this very cool package of Century Boat Material.

Dear Mr Boatman!

1952 Price list


The cover

inside cover

No way Granny was happy about this ride!

Our model in the brochure



Maintenance free… YA!


Granny again!


I aint putting that dam hat on!

Granny looks like she is in pain!

Cool optional top

Very cool top!

Not sure where this page goes? But it’s thrilling, Says page 5

Great illustration!

A huge thanks to Dane, Wow. All I find in my drawers is a bunch or old stuff that no one wants to see.

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  1. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    “Maintenance free construction” I wonder how many wives were sold on that bit of marketing BS by their unsuspecting husbands.

    Really honey, we just turn the key and go!

  2. DarthTrader
    DarthTrader says:

    Some of the great oxymorons from WoodyBoaterville produced by the Maritime Marketing Mavens.
    “Unsinkable” Only if used in a wading pond
    “Maintenance free” For the first five minutes
    “Enduring finish” It will take a licking and keep the scars
    “Genuine imitation” Guaranteed to be a copy of a fake
    “self-bailing” Only on the trailer with the plugs removed
    “fireproof” When the fire goes out, there is proof of a fire
    “Idiot proof” A challenge used to identify genuine idiots
    “User friendly” With friends like this we don’t need enemies
    “Leak-proof seals” Then explain why there are replacements
    “Non-fouling” Doesn’t even work in basketball
    “guaranteed” Brought to you by the makers of “fine print”
    “under warranty” temporary conditional euphoria

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Since you asked, I’d rather see what’s in Danesha’s drawers…maybe its Riva sales literature. You know, women always go for the most expensive options when their image is at stake. That would be a great sales technique. “Honey, wouldn’t you really rather be scene riding in a Riva rather than a common Century or Chris Craft?”

  4. Royce A. Humphreys
    Royce A. Humphreys says:

    Fun to see older advertising and how the field has changed over the years. I collect marine and classic car brochures and it is always fun to see how they changed over the years. Thanks goes out to Dane for sharing! I got the pleasure of meeting him at the Lake Minnetonka show this past September and was gracious enough for giving me a ride to my trailer lot and sharing a flash drive with me of some boats of interest!

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