Are You Ready? Valentines Day Cards, Delivered To Your Printer!

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This year more than ever before, Valentines Day cards from here are a critical thing. You can’t go to the store, and well. you can’t buy Valentines Day cards at Home Depot anyway. Although, the more I think about it, that’s a great idea. Home Depot and Lowes should do that next year. Hell, there should be an entire area at those stores for Men to go into and buy stuff for their loved ones. Does anyone work at one of those places here? Email me and we will work up a pitch. I am thinking its a secret room off the mens room. You go in to pee, and then there is a secret “Stall, thats really  an entire room with Cards, perfume, PJ’s yada yada. Nothing says Happy Valentines, Anniversary,, yada yada like a Dewalt Teddy!  Bright yellow and Black. Tool belt look thing. TROY? TROY?

There is a part of you that thinks, hey this is pure genus. Genius. Genous?

Okay, where were we. Wow, for W words in a row. Okay, Valentines day cards. SQUIRREL? Dam it I hate it when I forget to take my Ridoline. Where was I? Damit!

Put your face in there

Not sure how to use this, but its cool

When television was new? This one aged a little

Love cars AND boats? Might be a little much.

Giving her a kitten?

A classic

And here are some faves from our past!

Lets go forward together. Give me the wheel.. No me, me? Oh boy


Lets go racing



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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The one with the car…what is he oiling while kneeling in the trunk?

    And be my “mate” seems pretty aggressive for an old school kids card! How about holding hands and a kiss or two before getting on to the business of procreation. That type of thing will get you a #metoo trip to the principal and a suspension these days!

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