Are You Ready? Woody Boat Valentines Day Cards

You may want to cut this one out.

For those of you new here, this is an annual event. We provide this as a public service to our readers to help smooth over the latest purchase of boat related stuff you just got in the mail. Or worse, or better, another boat carcass. BTW, you know you have an “issue” when they ask you. mmm does it float? So here is how this works.

Here is a cover, you print it out

Here is the inside. Print and glue. BAM you have a valentines day card. Be creative. Add stuff? Remember right click so you can see the image in real size, then drag to desk top. Print.

Got a crappy printer. Thats Okay, we have a crappy card for that.

This is a nice post card for the lazy card giver.. Been married 50 years? This may be the one for you.

Want to be married another 50? Here you can be creative. Advanced users here. You can cut out the white and use it as a frame around a picture. OR do it on your desk top.


You can paste in your photos in the faces?

Put in some tickets to New Zealand or Australia and you are gonna have a good night.

Just buy a race boat. DONT USE THIS ONE.. BAD REMINDER

Put up some lights. You could have a romantic theme. Play You light up my life.. Okay.. Wait Maybe not

Its a cutey!

You can add more glitter?

Sea sled card

Does she like water skiing?

You can put your dog head here? Had a RUF Day” I LOVE YOU SO DOG GONE MUCH? YOU’RE MY BITCH? Okay, maybe not that one.

This is a classic winner, I even tested it. Worked!

See! BAM.. And you wonder how I have so many crappy boats!

BE SAFE OUT THERE. Don’t run with those scissors, and NO sniffing the glue. Varnish is okay, just not the glue!!!!


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  1. Speedboat Outlaw
    Speedboat Outlaw says:

    Granddaughters are getting older but they can still “Be My Valentine”. Thanks Matt I have used these for years and always look forward to them being published.

  2. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Have cut and pasted VDay cars from WB for years now. Has become a tradition and actually appreciated more than a store bought!!!!

    Well played comment on the “That’s what she said”.

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    ain’t enough cards on earth to get Eric out of the dog house with Jill for the latest boat he dragged in….and it is all my fault so I guess I need to get her a card too.

    Dora countdown officially begins on Valentines Day…don’t tell the ladies yet.

    John in Va.

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