Are You Ready?

For over 15 years, Woody Boater has provided as a public service, Valentines cards for you to grab and print, and make your own. So, here we go again. To the new folks here, you just click on the card image, and now it should blow up.. Not that kinda blow up? It enlarges. Jesus, can’t I just write stuff without you snickering. Mmmm Did ya see that, I tried to start an argument over nothing. THATS WHAT WILL HAPPEN if you don’t make a card. I don’t care if you have been together for 40 years. And so what she doesn’t get you anything, but maybe some Bacon for breakfast.. And no bacon is no longer a metaphor, its Bacon. For heavens sake, please get your mind out of the gutter. Thats for Tuesday after you give her on of these cards.

This is a small one

You can cut a photo into the bodies

If you are Lactose intolerant, this one is PERFECT

You can add words? You have a nice aft.. Okay, maybe not that.

If you have the skills you can adjust them

Use your imagination.


If you have a hard top…and a dog

For the more formal set

Just print. This is the easiest one, maybe put her name on the transom?

Even if she is having a bad hair day, we have a card for that


Sit and watch TV too much?

This one covers all the bases

Puppy love?

I think there are laws against this, these days. So be carful

This is one of my favorites and what the spirit of our Woody boater life is all about. Except that black stick stuck in the deck from that time she didnt help at the dock. Ya, best we forget that. It was really your fault anyway. RIGHT?