Are You Topless Boating?


I love these convertible tops

The heat is here to stay for a while, and in the afternoons if you are lucky a good shower and cool down. Either way you need a top on your boat so you can remain cool… looking. After all if you want comfort, get a barge with a top. But take that further and just stay inside and complain.

hard tops can be cool!

So i suppose in a way, you have to get out there in your Woody Boat, to save yourself and humanity. So today we are gonna feature some of the cool tops seen here on Woody Boater over the years.


Topless with a top

Gull Wing tops. I bet these are like saunas though

Oarnge ya glad you have a top?

These are cool as all get out, photo from last, last, last years Sandpoint show

Cool Gull wing!

WECATCHEMs duel use top. Its a true pain in the ass. I get why they are rare

Mitzy with a top and top, on top of a boat. Lots of tops

Tops in Canada

Plastic covered top in the workshop

PLAID TOP! Oh hell ya

Boat on top of a car top. I am so confused

Suzy/Scarlet with her original top in the barn

Green tops

Chris Craft and Century tops

Snazzy tops are the tops

Cool small hard tops – Center window is a must

A different snazzy top

More of a shelter top thing


LOVE MORE GAWD, those lines. This is one of the Sexiest boats ever designed.

1928 Robinson Seagull Commuter (Flying Cloud) originally built for Ransom E Olds (REO) later sold to Al Capone

Sea Foam tops, and cups with foam you cant see!

I’ll just sit back here.

Funky tops!

Tops that look like churches

Lil top!

Out taking shots of tops under a top.

Cool Glaspar top

Shady tops!


Tops towing in tops!

Do you have your top on? If so share the love!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I prefer my boats topless. You can wear a hat to block the sun. The tops usually block the sun as well as the breeze and your visibility. Plus, most are too low and give you that closed in claustrophobic feel which is the opposite of the feeling of open freedom we seek when going boating.

    But, without tops we wouldn’t have zipper stories which would be a shame.

  2. Ronald Ford
    Ronald Ford says:

    Good story today.I love tops especially in our area in southern Kentucky as it comes a storm at any time in the summer and the top keeps you mostly dry and your top also gets you out of the sun to have lunch. I love my top. Top of the day to you.

      • Danny B
        Danny B says:

        1961 Skee-Craft 18′ Holiday Hardtop and ’61 Evinrude 75hp Starflite III. It was built in Intercourse, PA (weren’t we all built in intercourse?) My grandparents bought it new in Hagerstown, MD.

  3. Werner Mall
    Werner Mall says:

    Plastic cover top looks like a 1938 sedan, any idea who owns it and where it resides. I have a 1938 sedan True Grit restored by Katz looking to see if any other are out there?

  4. don danenberg
    don danenberg says:

    Not sure why, but for the third time, I am no longer allowed to post here?

    Chris-Craft had such tops available for ANY boat they sold, I believe?

    This drawing from CC (note – pre MM archives from Algonac parts dept, # B-2134), shows that even the 1938 prototype (single covering board, Bugatti windshield) 19-barrelback had this available.

    I never pursued this because I couldn’t imagine getting my fat ass in and out of the boat at the dock?

  5. Royce Humphreys
    Royce Humphreys says:

    Ask my brother Gary Visser about the boat he grew up with. The all new 1960 Glasscraft Contessa built in his hometown of Humboldt, Iowa. The Starflite 75 Evinrude was gracing her transom! Sliding side windows. A true thing of beauty….well maybe to someone…

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