Are You Woody Mask Ready? It’s Okay, We Have Ideas. But Need Yours!

It’s all the rage – made out of Darrel Bush material and very trendy.. its says. Hey, I’m okay breathing in Varnish and dust, but No No No to Corona!

From Paris to Milan, and now the new fashion hot spot, Woodyboaterville, the new “it” look is Woody Masks. So of course we need to let all our designers have a fashion show. And you thought this crap couldn’t get any stranger?

Denise Kays hard at work. I will add to this. Denise Kays is a Dr. YES, and like many of our healthcare heroes, is helping many in this time of need. Making masks in a fun way is part of helping people be healthy. A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO Dr DENISE and all the other healthcare workers and first responders. Now, if you will excuse that brief moment of responsibility and humanity.. Back to WoodyBoaterville

The Extreme version from Durrenwerks

The I’m working in the shop look. Not so dumb now is it?

The I’m am not taking the crap lightly look. Possibly good for going to the grocery store?

If you are interested in how to make your own.. AND PLEASE SHARE.. Here is a short video on how to make one.

Have you got a new design?

We are working on a Quarantine mask. But it may take a year on back order, so make your own

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  1. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    I have a few 3m N95 masks left over from my sanding days. I never realized that they were the better masks. I was sanding parts on the 1/6th scale Torpedo I’m building when I grabbed one for dust protection. I think I bought them 6 or 7 years ago at Home Depot. We will set some aside for shopping trips. Oddly, I also have some nitrile gloves left over. Will start using them as well.

    • Roberta A Hegy
      Roberta A Hegy says:

      OOPS. Here is the little Torpedo. Also refreshing the big one with new hatch scoop to replace the cracked one.

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