Art Directing The Railway To Death, Okay Maybe Just Real Old

Can you tell the difference?

Oh its everything

I would bet that many of you are not really sure of what and Art Director is? Okay, you have an idea, heck, my parents didn’t even know. Well, as an Art Director for over 40 years, at some point you can’t erase it from your brain. So what is art directing? Well, it’s capturing or creating an image. One paints a scene that says it all in one quick image. This works on its own, or with a writer. Like Rabbit, and the real magic happens when the two are separate thoughts that work together. But for today, I have been “art directing” stuff at HQ. Why? I love doing it. It’s not decorating BTW, it’s all about the framed image, combined with light and composition. In fact many great photographers and film makers need art directors to help paint an image. So. Today you can experience some of my visual issues. Ugh. 49 Days til I can just not give a crap, and go boating.

This is the area of the workshop that needed some help. It was a visual deadzone

Okay we can start here. The new Drill Center. Ya it still needs a name. Extended table. Wall boards. Mr B

I had to change the color of the yellow Dewalt Chop saw. The yellow was a distraction

I set the table, and using a vintage jacket, is a bit of reference as to were, wear, you are. But not there yet

Okay, the light is starting to work, it’s all about timing, and harvesting natures magic.. When you can, sometimes you may need to place a huge light outside the window to create the effect. But the real thing is always better. Note, yes, the Milwaukee drill bit cases are new, but that hit of red works. Red should be used as accent texture.

The light started working with the dust to create shafts of magic.

And Bam, lights, Camera and action. Probably one minute of magic light with the dust. Over 100 images to achieve this one. I know, its not much, but I was trying to tell a story.

And bam we are back in time. A scene is painted.


So, you ask what was the difference in the two lead images? 

That little oil can on the top shelf?

Now in the smaller check box. Why is this such a big deal for me, well, it breaks up the space in that box, it ads dimension. Oh trust me, I could obsess on this all day…days, and have. And its not over yet.

Take a bow Mr B


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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I am soooooooooo glad that I do NOT live in your brain!!!!!!!!

    My daughter has some of the same gifts/challenges only more with graphics.

    Daughter Sam in Tavares last spring.

  2. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    You need one of these for the drill bench. Its a corner brace drill for old school boring holes around obstructions. Used back when men were men and look, its cordless!

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Well, scratch the Dewalt account. How many hours went into that companies (and others) brand color selection. I do like their choice, makes them easy to find in a construction mess. Having been on several product review panels back in the day I remember one on determining the best fishing line label, color selection, font style, color of font, background colors, ad infinitum. And that was on a paper label glued to the side of a fishing line spool. It was like getting your eyes checked, is A better than B, is B better now with C font color. I always wondered how many panels they convened and what the consensus was. Got my $40 check and went for pizza and beer.

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