Art’s Seam Tool Slam’s The Competition. And Inspirers More Art!

I made one, and the plastic handle is critical. Heat and grip

Yesterday I started to deal with Stinky seams. I had all the torture tools ready, and went to the hardware store to pick up a can opener. Here is an actual quote from the young cashier. “What is that?”  I was confused, its a can opener, I had to explain that back in the day cans didnt have pop tops. And then I found myself giving a history of different openings in canned drink lids. How you would pull a tab and then plop in in the drink or throw it away.. YA, that cot a stranger look, one would think I was describing a typewriter… Or a rotary phone.. I felt very old.  Anyway I digress.  So how did Arts tool compare? And no we are not talking about that time you measured your tool. OH come on!

I got artsy with the photos BTW, So its Art’s tool, shot in an art way, so its the art of Art’s tool.

Just a normal shot of Art’s tool, actually there is a deeper erotic concept in this photo. See the lift ring represents… Maybe I should move on from Art’s tool. But this first.. This simple tool is a wonder! All jokes aside. Its amazing. You can make several easily and adjust the point. Its light, easy to hold and pull. And even the flat part on the other end acts as a small scraper. ART YOU RULE!!!!!!!!!!

The blue tape is the smaller areas of divets and other spots that need attention.

Well well, someone did a booboo at some point. BTW you can see the ginder swirls. I am leaving some to see if the glass filler fills them and thus after a coat of primer will be like a smoother?

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  1. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    It looks like Art’s tool has been well used and could use a little touching up with a file to sharpen the edges (ouch). That would make Art’s tool much more efficient and make for crisper seams as you pull his tool.

  2. Dan Overbeek in MI
    Dan Overbeek in MI says:

    The wisdom and insight that one gains from the daily viewing this site is incredible! The deck on Stinky is looking pretty nice!

  3. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    We could cripple an entire generation or two with three pedals on the driver side floor and cursive writing……….
    On and by the way, every good farmer always builds a shed over his favorite tool.
    Men, just look down.
    Cripes, I’m starting to channel Matt’s inner thoughts……….!

  4. Art.....yes that Art
    Art.....yes that Art says:

    Sorry for not responding the past few days but I have been out of town to a funeral of a good friend.
    I’m wipped and have to hit the rack now.

  5. Russ in Bolton
    Russ in Bolton says:

    Recently while attending an outdoor renewal of vows ceremony, I was waiting on line to get a cold one out of a tub of ice. A senior gentleman holding a bottle/can opener said to me “You know, you and I are probably the only ones here old enough to know what the pointy end is for,” a consideration with which I had to reluctantly agree.

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