Attention Step-In-Again III Fans, eBay Has Blessed You Today.


If your old boat used to be named Step-In -Again 1,2, or three.. especially 3.. Then today you just won the lottery. And if your family used to own one of the three.. One of these babeses may be your long lost Aunt Trudie! And Glenda. her “friend” no one ever spoke of them getting married to a fella. They just liked living together as “friends” Ya see Trudie and Glenda would summer on Lake Kome-on-i-wanna-laya.. But these two spinsters.. Gals.. pals.. Just liked going boating.. OK if this story is a big far fetched, you can plunk that name on the side of your Barrel Back and make up your own story.. but hurry, the eBay listing lasts only a couple more days.

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  1. Texx
    Texx says:

    Matt – Remember the stories of the good-old-days that we were told in Lake Tahoe… The men would stay in the city to work and send their wives up to the lake / cabin for the summer…

    I wonder if that’s where Cabin Fever got it’s name from?

  2. matt
    matt says:

    HA, I love the concept.. I have told the Boatress many times to enjoy the summer at the River.. She will from time to time take a couple weeks off. That house where we heard the story was jaw dropping beutiful, and the fact that they bought it for 175 bucks is INSANE!

  3. Dave Lyon
    Dave Lyon says:

    No, it’s actually Miss Big Bear after it went to Lake Arrowhead….

    I WAS going to bid on the photo, but Mecum wants 10%

  4. brian
    brian says:

    Hey, It’s TRIVIA TIME !!

    Ok, so what year were “bumpers” invented or thought up or actually used? Were the first ones made of rope? What year did the great plastic ones show up. (The real versions, not the orange Hippity-Hop ones.)

    Look at the side of that CC – she is beat ta livin heck. I find it amazing that with a fresh varnish job that folks would just let their boat bonk up with the docks. I know the poor things were only built with a lifetime-shy-of-a-decade mentality, but jeezus.

    I would be interested in that bumper question though, so if any of you know it alls know I would appreciate knowing.

  5. Scott Ales
    Scott Ales says:

    Not to be controversial but I think the majority of that is a reflection of the water through the underside of the dock. I still like the picture even if the boat is beat to heck!

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