Baby Gal Left At HQ Doorstep, Now What?


Look what he had show up – A BABY GAL

Yesterday a fellow Woody Boater Danny Holden and local wood boat nut like us, showed up with a Baby Gal and left her at our door step. Yes, the poor dear had been out in the cold, heat, and cold again for decades. Clearly she had a full life, and looks like she got dropped off just in time…ish at the wayward home for neglected babes.

Danny brought her on his trailer.

Slowly extracting her from the trailer. A rebirthing of strange sorts

Working the trailer like a pry bar. I was actually quite impressed about how this was done.

Baby Gal is a 1941 17 Barrel Back. She is more of a title and serial number than anything, but I fall for those insane lines every time. And now, she is a work of drift wood shaped like a boat parked at the door step.

I named her within seconds and BABY CHICK has a little sister now

She will welcome you as you arrive now

She did not have a name, but a history of being used A LOT by some very cool guys who knew how to get her going. She had a small block V8 in her, and some tricky bottom work, as well as being fiberglassed. But that rear shape is unmistakable, and glorious. No hardware, just lines and dreams.

Her hull number. I cant recall it right now, but a 1941 from what we checked out, and has a title. We will know more later. BABY GAL likes Milk.. Just sayn

Sitting proud at the Global HQ

One may think, what the hell? Okay thats what the Boatress said. Really? What in the hell? And what about Baby Chick? To be fare, she is right. And well. she said those first words… “We will have to get rid of all this stuff one day” WAIT? Is she thinking I am going to croak soon? Are we already talking about my ultimate retirement? But dear, we just had a Baby Gal?

Sad, but she still has her smile

And looks like she has always been here.

Just another day in Woodyboaterville. And yes, SWEET PEA is waiting on her new stainless straps, stay tuned.


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I will never understand how anyone can neglect a boat to that extent. I always think that the owner must have died and family or friends didn’t care. It hurts to look at her now and think of the fun and joy she provided at one time!
    Thanks for saving Daisey!

    • briant
      briant says:

      Could also be a hoarder. We have one in our family. It is just a disease of the mind. No logic.

      We are a nation full of people with this problem. Don’t think so? Then explain the tens of thousands of storage units all over chock full of crap, needed because the garage is full of crap.

      This poor boat which looks like something out of the Mesozoic era, is just another victim. So sad.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    So we have Baby Gal on the road side, No Name Riviera (doesn’t she deserve a name also?) on the water side, and “B” inside. WBGHQ is becoming quite the art gallery.

    This week I was flipping through some of the pictures on my hard drive (no not those ones) and I stumbled across the original Google Maps, Road View pic that I took when you bought the railway.

  3. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Looking forward to what type of “prop” this becomes for the boatyard…. Surely you arent planning to restore it ….. not even sure its up to pattern boat usefulness… THAT would be a major major undertaking…
    But it really makes me feel good as I havent brought home a boat in such condition,…… yet! 🙂 is next to Boot Hill, so Im thinking,… with the Riviera out front,… there might be a theme brewing in that crazy head of yours!

  4. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    Fun to look at…..fer sher. First thing I would do is get those nice boat jacks out from the back and set it on some old blocks of wood. Those screws are way more valuable than the boat!

  5. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    I can see a bonsai trip to Katz in the darkness of night for a full restoration. It only needs a friend. Just think. They could have it mostly done and on a new trailer by Mt Dora

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