Bar Harbor Supper Club Serves Up A 5-Star Show – 2022 Gull Lake Classic

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Representing the Canadian Marque Class from the Lee & Penny Anderson collection is this beautiful 1952 Greavette 24′ Runabout “Canadienne” powered by a 225HP Grey Marine V-8.

By now most regular viewers here at Woody Boater know that the Gull Lake Classic at Bar Harbor in Minnesota has a reputation of serving up a 5-Star classic boat show at one of the best venues in the country.

And once again, John Allen and his crew not only lived up to that amazing reputation, they knocked it out of the park – again.

For 2022, the Marque Class was focused on Canadian Boats. Todays story, courtesy of long time Woody Boater contributor & photographer Dane Anderson, highlights some of the Canadian classics at this year’s show.  20 Canadian made boats were in attendance.

But the other theme of the story today is the incredible diversity of classic boats that attend the Gull Lake Classic not only from Minnesota, but also the surrounding states. From early launches, to classic speedboats, to outboards, to those big elegant triple cockpits, to the quintessential pre-war Chris-Craft Barrelbacks – Gull Lake has something for everybody.

From the Lee Anderson Collection “Tolka” was built by Alexander Graham Bell Laboratories in Nova Scotia for John Lash a Brother-in-law of Bell’s partner Casey Baldwin. The 1928 36′ Limousine Launch was delivered to the Lash’s Island home on Lake Muskoka. “Tolka” was restored by Canadian Peter Breen and is powered by a 200 hp Sterling Petrol engine.

Also from the Lee Anderson Collection is “Mineta” a 1917 Minett 36′ Long Deck Launch. Originally built for the Clevelands House Resort in Muskoka Canada to bring guests to the resort and was used for excursions.

Another Canadian boat from the Lee Anderson Collection is “Miss Muskoka” a 1932 32′ Matheson powered by a 225 HP Kermath Sea Wolf. The big Matheson has an unusual bottom configuration with rounded chines and a concave bottom at the stern.

This great looking Fletcher 19′ Single Cockpit Runabout named “Justice” is owned by TJ Lake from Gull Lake, MN. More diversity.

Jay Dunphy from Bloomington, MN presented his rare 1958 Dunphy 15′ Bonito Imperial named “The Irishman”. Great to see the Dunphy marque represented at the Gull Lake Classic.

There were a number of classic outboards at this years show, in the heart of historic Larson boat country.

Long time classic boat enthusiast and Thompson boat expert Andreas Jordahl Rhude in his 1955 Thompson Thomboy named “Thommy Too”.

“THC #1” was built by Gordon Boatworks in 1939 from a John Hacker Commuter design. 32 feet long powered by twin Chrysler Ace engines with V Drives.

“Stillwaters” is an immaculate Canadian made 1947 20′ Greavette Utility owned by Gene Arnt. Dane said sorry for the post in the shot. Love the elegant simplicity of this rare Greavette Utility.

“Royaleze” is a Canadian built 1929 Ditchburn 36′ Launch from the Lee & Penny Anderson collection. She is powered by a 150HP Kermath Sea Wolf 6. “Royaleze” is a custom Launch built by Ditchburn Boats for the Toronto Harbor Commission. Used for carrying distinguished guests and dignitaries on various harbor functions and tours including the Prime Minister and other Heads of State. She was used by the THC for about 13 years before being sold to the Ojibway Hotel to transport guests to and from the Hotel.

Mary & Larry Amsbaugh from Sterling, Illinois brought this wonderful Chris-Craft 17′ Runabout “Lambchop” to the Gull Lake Classic.

Representing the electric boat gang was Dennis Eiynck with his 2002 15′ Budsin named “Lake Affect”.

Talk about diversity. This little row boat is a 1953 Larson 14′ and is a “Barn Find” owned by ACBS Land O Lakes Chapter President Al Lindquist. It is powered by a Johnson 5 hp.

Maggie Mell introduced “Maggie May” to the spectators at Bar Harbor. A 1960 Chris-Craft 19′ Capri from Rush Lake, MN. (I think there’s a song named after this boat?)

“Just Swell” Tom & Mindy Clark’s 1949 Chris-Craft 17′ Deluxe Runabout powered by a Chris-Craft KBL 121HP straight 6.

“MUSE” is an elegant 1930 Chris-Craft Triple Cockpit Runabout owned by Scott Martin.

Our friend from Lake Okaboji Royce Humphreys in his cool Century Ski Dart named “Whoopsie!” Who is that mystery man in the purple shirt?

Gull Lake Classic Host John Allen arrives at the show with one of his many wooden classics from his collection at nearby Fort Mahogany. “Rebecca Paige” is a rare 1930, 30′ Triple Cockpit Runabout powered by a 310HP Scripps V-12. (I have had the pleasure of riding in this 30-30 Hacker and it’s simply amazing – Texx)

This 1936 Chris-Craft 19′ Custom Runabout “Calisota” was presented by Don Dineson from Cannon Falls, MN.

A perfect 1932 20′ Hackercraft owned by John & Linda Hanks from Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Dane said the docks were packed with spectators all day, and they stayed while the light rain moved in. Thanks to the efforts of John Allen, Bar Harbor has become a premium venue in America for the classic boat show of this size and depth.

Post war Chris-Craft 20′ Custom Runabouts are very special boats and are appreciated by restorers for their complex construction. This beautiful 1946 Chris-Craft 20′ Custom “Deja Vu” was presented by Dave Fleck.

The unmistakable lines of a timeless pre-war Garwood Utility. This stunning 1937 Garwood 24′ 786 Custom Utility “Time Piece” is presented by Joel & Jane Meyer from Gull Lake, MN. (Love the transom art too.)

The Lee R. Anderson Best of Show Award for 2022 went to Mike Lang for “Victory”, an outstanding pre-war 1939 Chris-Craft Custom Barrelback.

“Victory” was victorious this year!

Special thanks to host John Allen and his crew at the Bar Harbor Supper Club for everything they do for the hobby.

Special thanks to Lee & Penny Anderson for opening up their amazing museum for the Friday night dinner, and to the Land O Lakes Classic Boat Club for their hard work.

And of course to our friend Dane Anderson for covering the show again this year.


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Wow and Wow! What a collection of wonderful watercraft. I don’t think that many fabulous Canadian boats have ever been shown outside Muskoka. Great to see the cool outboard models also represented. I didn’t know Greavette made a utility and there were two at the show. Congrats to the Land O Lakes gang, Dave Bortner, John Allen and Lee Anderson for a great event. Also many thanks to Texx, Dane Anderson and Matt for sharing it with WoodyBoaterville!

  2. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Looks like a great show!! As I said the other day, it is on my my bucket list.

  3. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    With the amazing caliber of boats at this show you would think somebody would introduce the facilities manager to a “D” profile boat dock protector on the posts. Those are the most difficult to fend off from at tie up.

  4. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    They are the most difficult to tie up to to protect your boat without a “D” profile dock protector that is.

  5. Andreas Jordahl Rhude
    Andreas Jordahl Rhude says:

    Cannot forget to THANK BSLOL president Al Lindquist and man of many talents Mark Nelson and many others for all they do to pull off such a great event

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