Irwin Barbie Boats – Dang, That’s One Hot Boat No Matter What Color It Comes In.

Nice shape, nice color?

Nice shape, nice color?

I can’t explain this, but every time I see one of these dang Barbie Boats on ebay, like this one. I think, dang those are some nice lines. I mean this is a very very cool boat. Even the colors are cool. It’s almost like the original designer of the toy, was into cool boats. We did read on the web about the Irwin Toy Co, who made these for Barbie, along with some cool hot rods, and sports cars.  I wonder what the boat was that it was patterned after? Is there a boat out there that is close? So I open it up to you. Got any ideas?

Barbie boat top

Here is another one on ebay with a white interior. Dang

nice off white interior.

nice off white interior.

A white one on Ebay HERE

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 5.11.01 PM

Here it is for GI Joe! On ebay here. Dang!!!

And ya get a jeep ish kinda car thing

And ya get a jeep ish kinda car thing

This one comes with a trailer! Dang ya cant take it home without a trailer.  HERE on ebay

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 5.15.28 PM

And the coolest one.. The red hot rod one! HERE ON EBAY

I can almost see Elvis in this one with Ann Margret!

I can almost see Elvis in this one with Ann Margret!


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  1. Sean
    Sean says:

    Not sure whose boat Barbie has, But My Corgi Riviera had a cruiser behind it on a trailer… Probably the ONLY cruiser I’ll ever have!

  2. John Rusnak
    John Rusnak says:

    Love the header .. Just don’t tell my wife she thinks I’m addicted to this web site … I say like Coffee … I am!

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    The engine hatches look like a CC but the foredeck more Century. The steering wheel is on the wrong side and the windshield is just wrong. The seats look 70’s or newer. Is it a lap strake hull or are the planks exaggerated to show up in monotone plastic?

    Can you contact the sellers on eBay and see if any of them have a hull card?

  4. Troy
    Troy says:

    Isn’t this Woodyboater?
    I think if we are going to look at toy boats they should be wooden toy boats.

    And stop with all the Cruiser stuff, no wait I love cruisers, I even own one.

    And no more pictures of Century’s, unless of course Tommy is in the picture. Can’t get enough of the sexiest man in Woodyboaterville.

    And girls are OK as long as they are not wearing any of the four basic food groups.

    Hey wait maybe I can afford a Cobra after all?

    • Kentucky Wonder
      Kentucky Wonder says:

      And why are they apparently cut off at their (tiny!) waists? Or is that a spray skirt like kayakers have to repel water? Cool boat, though, and looks like a good time is being had by all.

  5. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    That Barbie-Boat looks like a cross between a Sea Skiff and a V-drive Shepherd- first time I’ve seen one! Is Skipper the only one that gets to drive?

    I submit a nice image of PATRICIA, the beautiful, unrestored 1955 Chris-Craft 42′ Express owned by the Commodore of the H.T.Y.C. (Hot Tub Yacht Club).

    I am the Commodore.

    • oldernowiser
      oldernowiser says:

      I had a nice hot tub yacht like that once. It sank when I turned on the bubbles! Now it needs a complete restoration, motor is locked, smells musty……..dammit

      • Grant Stanfield
        Grant Stanfield says:

        According to the by-laws of the H.T.Y.C, sudden bubble-jet storms are strictly forbidden here in the ‘Bluewater Region’. The dress code, however, is quite relaxed.

        Here is another of the members of the H.T.Y.C. fleet- this is DOLLY, a 1950 Chris-Craft 30′ Express…she’s real nice.

        • oldernowiser
          oldernowiser says:

          That must be it. As of today I have decreed no bubbles in the hot tub….actually one type of bubbles has always been frowned upon, but the duration of those usually were not sufficient to down a ship…..
          We also employ a very leinient dress code, however, most of my guests insist on me keeping my trunks and t-shirt on for some reason…..Must be that sexy Woody Boater t-shirt of mine……Least that’s all I can figure…

  6. tommyholm
    tommyholm says:

    Lou Rahl just upscaled Barbie into a 1958 Century Roan from his personal inventory. Plastic to Wood, Barbie’s a Woody Boater today!

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    A sneaky Riva market test of their secret (proposed) lapstrake sports boat, aimed at capturing the imagination of a generation of future WoodyGals, knowing they would someday search the world to “find a boat like Barbies” … 🙂

  8. TomH
    TomH says:

    And that is what the cold winter months have driven us to? Playing with Barbie and her boats? People, people go out to the garage and smell some varnish. Snap out of it!

  9. Randy
    Randy says:

    … and don’t forget the premiums you could get from Post Cereal in the mid-1950’s — the Century Coronado & Arabian. I had several of them as a KidBoater back then.

  10. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    Someone also keeps a Riva Aquarama at the H.T.Y.C; but despite her careful construction and attention to detail, DOLCE VITA mysteriously does not float at her waterline and has a nasty list to starboard.

    Most days, her disappointed owner leaves the lovely but forsaken speedboat to sit unused on her shipping cradle at the clubhouse lodge…

    • oldernowiser
      oldernowiser says:

      WOW Grant! It’s like you and I are brothers or something! So many shared experiences!
      Stangely enough, I also at times have experienced a nasty starboard list either getting to, or leaving from my yacht basin! I had always written it off on the heart medication, brown bottle flu, or the fact that my deck always seems to oscillate…usually during particullary severe onsets of the aforementioned bbflu. Now I realize that, (me having a lot in common with the RIVA, you know, sleek, sexxy, expensive, all that,) it could very well be the hot tub causing me to list starboard!

      • Grant Stanfield
        Grant Stanfield says:

        “Hey, Smails! My dinghy’s bigger than your whole BOAT!”

        …Here at the diminutive but proud H.T.Y.C, we carefully screen prospective members to discourage derogatory remarks like the above…but a slight list, occasional deep-sea bubbles, and even a Cigarette boat full of topless blondes will be tolerated, if not outright encouraged.

        • oldernowiser
          oldernowiser says:

          Attention readers: While the above mentioned H.T.Y.C. I’m sure is very nice, you may notice the “careful screening” process employed there. While our rules are similar, should you be turned away from H.T.Y.C. please be informed that we accept with open arms girls of ANY hair color, not just blondes!

          • oldernowiser
            oldernowiser says:

            Occasional deep sea bubbles at this time are still frowned upon here. If you are so inclined I would respectfully refer you back to H.T.Y.C. Sorry, rules are rules.

  11. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    In the formative years of “The Club”, as it shall be known, noted celebrities tied up to the piers in all manner of elegant craft such as this visiting cutter-rigged ‘pond schooner’, with a fetching deckhand who appears to be Grace Kelly herself!

    Back in the day, H.T.Y.C. had club reciprocity rights with the L.L.B.S. (League of Lukewarm Bath Sailors) and a friendly rivalry was established in the annual battle for the coveted ‘Jacuzzi Cup’.

  12. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    -Taking top honors in the Preservation Class at the 2014 H.T.Y.C. ‘Winter Tub Festival’ (WTF for short) was this amazing barn-find CC Riviera; as grey as driftwood but still able to reach the show docks on her original bottom…

    (Disclaimer: In Wisconsin, us WoodyBoaters need something to entertain ourselves during these long winters between haul-out and re-launch… thanks for the fun!)

    • Troy
      Troy says:

      Love the story!
      The winter has been long here in Maine also.
      Particularly fond of the “Winter Tub Festival”!

  13. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:


    The yacht basin at the Hot Tub Yacht Club has been quarantined as a health hazard. All yachts have been hauled ashore while the basin is drained, treated and sanitized for ‘foreign matter’.

    Sabotage is the rumor among the membership; this following a particularly heated exchange in a Race Committee protest meeting during this year’s Jacuzzi Cup regatta.

    Four disorderly young blondes in a high-performance RC powerboat are accused of having ‘gone wild’ and cut through the race course starting line just before the gun, forcing a classic pond schooner visiting from the rival L.L.B.S. team to tack off-course to avoid collision, losing their chance at a Cup victory.

    The H.T.Y.C. Commodore immediately suspended reciprocity rights for all L.L.B.S. members, pending investigation. He stated- “This unsportsmanlike act will negatively affect our club’s entire boating season…respect our waters!!”

    Taking a break from the extensive cleanup, the Head Dockmaster said in an interview: “It’s no big deal.”

    • oldernowiser
      oldernowiser says:

      OH don’t I know the feeling! Our yacht club was shut down temporarily by the EPA last year. Seems one of our members decided to float one in the hot tub. Problem was, he didn’t bring a boat!

      • oldernowiser
        oldernowiser says:

        Hence the continued enforcment of the “No deep sea bubbles” rule… just never really know…

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