Be Part Of The Teaser, It’s An Easter Egg Hunt


Thanks to many of you for trying out the easter egg thing yesterday. For those of you that are there, here, out there. Let’s tease the others without giving it away.  So many have asked.. Whats An Easter Egg? Other than an egg that painted for easter. Well, an Easter Egg is also a term for a hidden link, or image thats at first glance isnt there. The Playboy bunny logo on the covers of Playboy Magazines were an Easter Egg. Mist mostly these days its stuff on a website. And we have always had some just to keep me amused.

The Easter Bunny is there! Like all the covers had!

Anyway, if you find our little surprise on the home page, Thankyou for the feedback, and please torture the others. HEY, what else better ya got to do. Shovel Snow? Ya! Don’t you will have a heart attack.

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  1. Frank@Arlington
    Frank@Arlington says:

    Is this like the subliminal images in the ice in glass of a Scotch drink ad.?
    All that stuck out was the weird thing at the top of the pole ..moving the “leaning pole of RMR” ?
    but then again I couldnt always find the “bunny” on the Playboy covers…. my Arlington house today drying out the basement….can you do a “5200 basement”?

  2. BT
    BT says:

    I never spent much time on the covers of Playboy, typically went directly to the centerfold for my entertainment – but that’s just me…………

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I have actually found several of your Easter Eggs over the years, some have been quite entertaining. I think that is way I was able to find it so quickly (and the fact that our minds work concerningly similarly)

    Besides that this one is in about the most logical place to find one.

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