Before And After Photos Of A Family Treasure. Happy Birthday Lillie!

Young Lillie 1989 in her home built boat.

If at any point in time you sit there wondering why we do this site every day. This is why. These are the stories that rekindle any cynical fiber left in my bitter worn out body. I will admit that after the high of Lake Dora, it’s been a bit of a downer. Nothing really compares to Donzi’s flying in the air, and the Golden Pond boats.. Not to mention, but I will, drag racing Miss America IX.. Until about 2 hours ago when I got this from Texas Admiral and fellow Woody Boater Jim Frechette.

Lillie at the helm of her runabout /utility/ baby gar

Hi Matt, I built the little boat when my daughter, Lillie, was born in 1989. Today is her 23rd birthday. I dug the old boat out of the back of my shop and hosed it down and it cleans up pretty well.
Jim Frechette

Lillie today, age 23. Amazing, look how well the wood has held up.Jim must have used 5200

Lillie today and her family treasure.

Thanks Jim, you made my day..

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    Its the difference between Lily or Lillie.. You might want to come to grips with one less L in your name.

  2. chad
    chad says:

    Hush now princess… daddy will make you something extra cool when mommy gives me back my checkbook.

  3. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I think the last two pics show the backup “Lillie Pad” and not the primary boat from the 1989 photo session. I think we need to rustle up the Woodyboater CSI team to investigate, and hopefully Matt can locate the primary picture boat while it can still be restored and preserved.

  4. Don Ayers
    Don Ayers says:

    Amazing how time goes by Jim. 1989 was the year I met you at the Austin show. Me and my misfit family with the very ugly restored 22′ Custom Sedan, but we had spirit

    • Jim Frechette
      Jim Frechette says:

      I remember that show. We were so excited that someone came from as far away as Oklahoma. I had never seen a sedan like that and thought it was such a cool boat. Did that boat stay in the family and get more completely restored or was that let go to someone else? I loved that your whole family came with the boat. I kind of miss the old days of shows when people came just for fun and did not worry if their boat, myself included, was perfect. We were all just getting to know each other and see who had the fever. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Jim. You are killing me. Your daughter is gorgeous. Mine is just 12. And already I can see 23 is right around the corner.

    Awesome cradle. Wished it had thought of that concept. And wish even more I had thought of that concept executed as a 25 Sportsman!

    Oh well, maybe when I have my next daughter.

    But wait, I’ve been “de”-powered.

    Dang! I knew there was a reason I hadn’t thought of for not going through that!!!

  6. brian t
    brian t says:

    “de-powered” as in …

    Scotty, I need..(10 sec pause) …….. more power !

    Aye, Cap’n, it’s all she’s got !

    Bones, I need……… more power !

    Dammit Jim, I can’t, I’m just a doctor !

    What a great heirloom boat. We still have the toys and horse that our Grandpa made for us.

  7. Rick
    Rick says:

    Having pictures of her with the boat at both ages is priceless. I guess I didn’t love my kids enough, they only had store bought mass produced stuff. Cradle and daughter are both beautiful.

  8. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    You and your family are going to love it sometime down the river when the grandkids get to have their pictures taken in “Mommy’s Boat”!

    Hold on to that one…

  9. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    Chad…send me a PM with your address. I will have an Arabian cradle shipped to Lily right away….Giddy UP!!!

  10. Paul H.
    Paul H. says:

    Love it Jim, wow. What a way to get the kids interested- from birth!

    I hope the cradle stays in your family forever.

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