Bevy Of Burgee’s

Americraft Burgee

Thanks to long time fellow Woody Boater Steve Stevenson for sending in some of his Burgee collection. I bet from time to time folks want to know what the correct burgee should like on there boat. Well, today we have a couple and if you have any that are not here. You know what to do. Every bit of info helps.

Love the fish. – Arena Craft

Troys banner

Berts Tree. LOVE THIS

Isnt Borum a chemical?

The correct , Correct Craft Burgee

Simple and to the point Craft

Bad pun boat co.

Foxy Boats?

A classic

This one would cost you lots of wompum

Don’t fall into the water

Anyhing with Oshcosh on it is cool

Gotta love a poodle burgee

Classic Thompson

Mr Ed boat co? Century

Local club burgees

Says it all


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  1. Johnny V./John Vyverberg
    Johnny V./John Vyverberg says:

    Nice to see the Wine Country burgee featured as the club representative. I don’t think we’ve had these available for years.

    • Bert Holster
      Bert Holster says:

      Cantierre Timossi.
      Unfortunately I only have a picture of it. Nice winter job .. make a replica and learn how to make these letters with a sewing machine.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Anyone know anything about this one? I believe it came from my grandfather’s early 60’s fiberglass Correct Craft American Skier. Not sure if it was an original Correct Craft burgee or from somewhere else.

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