Big Sky, Big Smiles, Big Thanks!

Joy is ageless

Late last night we got in these amazing, wonderful, perfect, photos from fellow Woody Boater Steve Lapkin. Steve is a professional photographer with wonderful images on covers of magazines and other areas. We are blessed to have Steve at the Big Show in Montana. This show is a bucket list for us here at HQ, as in the Boatress who seems to love it there, yet never visited. So here are some of Steves wonderful images from White Fish Lake.

I swear that boat is smiling

The absolutely best name for a classic boat! And a perfect placement on the dash as a reminder!

Best Classic Boat Logo, up there with the Higgins logo in my book


Says it all!

Smile, your on WoodyBoater

Hey! Sammy? Over here! Anyone? Too obscure?

LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo

Fun little boat

Thats the ticket

Start her up

Big Smiles, Big Sky!

Big Sky, Big Water, Big Light

She is smiling

Gold Jerry, Gold!

Green! With Envy!

I am so headed there

A huge thanks to Steve Lapkin for his wonderful eye, and fingers that pressed the key board and sent us these images from the big WhiteFish Lake show. You can see Steve’s other work right HERE.


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  1. Tobler Fine
    Tobler Fine says:

    Enjoying an after-breakfast dip under the big sky at Keuka. Boat rides later today after the humans get up and moving.

    • BK
      BK says:

      Dee Wites didn’t cover their copper screws and used copper clinch nails. Over 1800 in this boat (DECO) a 1930 split-cockpit runabout The effect is that the free-board’s “glisten” in the sun-sorta a “twinkle effect”

  2. Ol'Salt
    Ol'Salt says:

    Thanks Steve for the great shots. Whitefish Woody Weekend IX will be on June 26-28, 2020. Hope to see you all there.

  3. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Lapkin never disappoints and makes me jealous. As far as action shots go they’re fantastic but I’m appreciative of any photos from a show anyone takes time to shoot. Having shot some shows, its difficult to get cooperation from boaters let alone get a ride from someone who’s going to burn their gas then not even get in the shot most likely because they are the photo boat. And then there’s the friend who takes you out but could care less if you get a picture and doesn’t have a clue on which side is best to shoot from or what angle, sheez its tough.

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