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Johnson Green

Here is your chance to take advantage of a nice discount on our famous cushion series T -shirts. All on sale for just $20 . Now some of you may say, hey $20 is no real steal. Except when you note, thats our break even price. We do the printing well, with multiple colors and high quality T’s are used. So its a deal, and we wont make them again, so if you see your size, jump on it, cause they aint coming back.

Says WHAT KNOT on the front

We will have some in Florida on sale if any are left. But we have found that certain sizes go fast.

Flotation Device in short sleeve.

SALE ENDS TACO TUESDAY! Not Wacky Wednesday, or Throwback Thursday.

FLAT HEAD shirts in Pre War Blue

Other items on sale as well, JUST CLICK HERE

—————— NOTE——- The Buy 3 sale does not apply in this sale. each shirt is $20 as a bundle of three you save $15 THE BUY 3 DOES NOT APPLY!!!!———————- SALE ENDS TUESDAY Tuesday Dec 3, 2019

3 replies
  1. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    5PM Central and Crickets. Helloooooooooo Out There.
    Well I bought my shirt and hat this morning. Now I will know how to tie all the knots.
    Maybe too much Turkey and drinks I guess or driving a load up for Staib.

  2. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    I’m still ina tryptophan coma but I did read it and scanned the sale options at 10AM. And it’s leaf raking time in north Ga

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