Blank Chris Craft Engine Data Plates. Just One More Thing Going Extinct.


Blank Data Plates

One of the frustrating parts of our passion is it can be tough to make… well parts for it. Sure parts can be specked and even made. BUT, the volume of people buying stuff may not encourage the remanufacturing of them. Demand! The ultimate decision maker. I run into this with many items, and in the case of this blank Data plate for sale on ebay for $235 on the surface may seem over priced. BUT. Considering it may be one of the last ones out there that’s blank. This is one of the last, since the market is not what it used to be. Same with many other parts and materials. Imagine yours is lost. You need a blank one to stamp in your own numbers. This is not a restorable part.

For example fellow Woody Boater Riverric is searching all over the planet for bleached white planking with black “caulking” stripes style of NAUTOLEX vinyl for the cockpit, and cabin soles on his cruiser.

Being remade

Manafolds for most of the flatheads, There are new ones being made by Dave VanNess and Peter Hinkle for the K engine. But man oh man, try and find W parts. This is happening all over. Parts can be custom made, but will cost.. cost alot. And take time.

Fuel Sticks? Ya, 40 bucks a pop. Fun to have. A bitch to make and have a bazillion sitting around

Remade authentic Fuel Sticks

So. when you see a data plate for sale for $230 bucks, you may think WTH? BUT. What if you cant find them anymore and need one. Lucky you, though cause  these are made by fellow Woody Boater and fantastic guy Al Schinnerer at California Classic Boats, but not being remade. This is the case with many parts now.

Thats Al on the far right being inducted into the hagerty Hall Of Fame. Right there next to Chris Smith

This is a treasure trove of remade parts that are perfect, and a lot of effort was made to make them. These are around $120 bucks on this site. YOU CAN VISIT THEM HERE.

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  1. Troy K Hersom
    Troy K Hersom says:

    California Classic Boats is a wonderful company to do business with!

    I know things happen, but really there should be no reason to need a new data plate, short of a fire. Maybe I’m just naive.

  2. Randy
    Randy says:

    I know just how expensive it is to accurately ‘re-produce’ name/label plates! I was able to borrow a Matthews MARTINIQUE plate back in 2002 to replicate for my boat. The turquoise portion of the plate was just slightly recessed, with the lettering standing the full height (thickness), along with the outer edge surround. I was lucky enough to find a local ‘artist’ who could lightly sandblast that needed area and then bake on the right color. Back then each plate was $100, but it was something that had to be done for this restoration. Needless to say I had her make several extras while she was doing them. I don’t know where I could find someone now to do this.

  3. Mr. Feeling Stupid
    Mr. Feeling Stupid says:

    not much commentary here today, so maybe this is a good day for me to ask a very random and dumb question:
    can anyone fill me on all of this ‘sausage day’ or ‘bacon’ talk?
    I feel very stupid asking, but i don’t care – i just need to better understand the joke. cast stones, rip me apart, but i’d like to know, thanks. appreciate your education.

    • Mike K
      Mike K says:

      To clarify m fine is the resident guy we like to pick on
      Matt should post his scardy cat face photo in the plastic Chris craft

      You may want to search dim also when you have time to get up to speed

  4. Dennis Hansen
    Dennis Hansen says:

    Northwood Boat Works in Alden (northern) Michigan also has CC fuel sticks and MANY other ORIGINAL parts as well.

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Christmas party is Monday! Northwood is a great place and yes thats where i got all mine from some left overs.

  6. Jerry Turner
    Jerry Turner says:

    Nostalgic Reflections made the Chris-Craft Data Plate you are looking at. They have been in the business of making custom reproduction parts for 48 years, for their customers who own and restore antique vehicles, cars, trucks, airplanes, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, locomotive & snowmobiles. They do not advertise other than word of mouth, but you can look them up on the web if you are in need of anything.
    Jerry Turner
    Nostalgic Reflections
    P.O. Box 350
    Veradale, Washington 99037


    Troy K Hersom, my ’56 continental didn’t come with a plate. I assume some previous owner wanted it as a keepsake.

  8. Mark Lemminger sr
    Mark Lemminger sr says:

    Hi I am looking for some help, I have a 1928 24′ Chris Craft runabout. It does need restoration and I am trying to find a copy of Robert DaPron’s 1928 24′ restoration book. Is this book available? And how can I contact Robert? I would greatly appreciate any info, Mark Lemminger sr.

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