Boardwalk Empire. Why The Night Before The Work Week Is Now My Favorite Night.

OK, OK I know, what in the heck does a show on HBO have to do with Antique & Classic boats? Everything! In my quest to understand the soul of my Antique Boat I feel strongly that we must understand how and why it was built.. My recent trip to Michigan was a real eye opener.. It all made perfect sense.. And now this show.. First, for those of you that don’t have HBO, call HBO and sign up.. Here…. Then on Sunday nights at 9 pm Eastern Standard time, grab a whiskey, put on my skipper cap, and turn on the time machine. This is no ordinary TV show, it just happens to be broadcast on your TV screen.. Martin Scorsese and Mark Whalberg have created a series of films that will immerse you in the era of prohibition in Atlantic City..Booze, illegal booze.. the fuel in which many of our boats were built for… If that’s not enough, there is nudity, and violence.. And if that’s not enough, the occasional old wood boat..Although in three episodes all I have seen is some ocean going boats.. One gets the idea behind some of the great bootlegger boats of the day.. The other thing that is cool, and will win every award on the planet next year.. is the set design. It’s perfect.. Look at the signage, the window dressings in the stores.. It all works.. Look at the fonts, the hand lettering, the colors, the textures.. No Martha Stewart did not crawl up into my brain.. But this is the sort of stuff that helps when you are choosing a font for your lettering, or you want to do some set design at a show to give your boat that extra kick.. So throw away that plastic mannequin, and do it right… And no one does this better than Scorsese.. Here is another chance to visit the web site..

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Well, you did make a connection with woody boating in there somewhere, albeit a very thin thread of one… or did I miss something here?

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