Boat Rides – It Not The Same Without You.

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Maybe going back in time will solve all my problems?

Yesterday I did it. I plopped Stinky in the drinky. It was 70. And even though it was around 3ish, I had to work all morning on calls and work related stuff. I got the her in the water and she ran like a dream. Her new carb is the fix. No issues. Running around the creek and water all alone with my son. I can not imagine a better thing. And yet.


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Well I learned an interesting thing. And maybe it’s one of the gifts of this situation we are all in for the first time in all our lives.

Kinda a smile. Maybe there is a little joy..

It wasn’t all that fun!!!! I wanted it to be, I desperately wanted it to be. And yet. Ehh? What was this? A new feeling, of no feeling, and then it hit me. WoodyBoating is a social thing. Part of the fun and energy is knowing others are out there with you. The human interaction of a small wave. The possibility you might run into a pal. The opportunity to go eat lunch or dinner. Your , my boats are cool, but they are just vehicles to move us to be with each other.

Out with my son! life is good-ish.

We are obsessed with the boats here on WoodyBoater, we like to love on them, look at them, ride In them. But together is the key to happiness. And that is clear as day now to me. Try it. Be honest with your emotions, I am. And there is the issue with boating now.

Sitting at the dock. I dreamed all winter about this moment

Our natural tendency will be to gather, to talk even at a distance. And thats when crap happens. COVID19 doesn’t care if you miss your pals, your boat, your life patterns. Social distancing is the ONLY thing right now keeping this under control. It is the bitter pill that we all must take. And its not cheap. But its all we have. We need you safe, we need you to be able to be out there healthy, because it’s not the same without you.

We miss you!

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  1. Syd Marsden
    Syd Marsden says:

    Yes the wood boats are great to look at and the ride whether it is a Dippy, steamboat or a outboard or runabout they can not be beat. But my greatest joy is taking people out for rides. Seeing the joy they get from it. It can be friends or people who I had never meet before.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Our boats have been around for a long time. They’ve seen the economy go through wars, recessions and depressions. Some were around for the last pandemic. Many were neglected and needed to be rebuilt. Through this they’ve survived. So will we.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    This pandemic is like a bad storm. Rough and nasty, but we will get through it! Don’t let this storm sink you.

  4. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I’ve always said it’s the people you meet and friends made that are the true reward of this hobby. I love boats – working on them, using them admiring the ingenuity and creativity that has gone into creating them over the years. But – they are intended to be used (and shared) for many purposes, not the least of which are social. I have often boated alone, but most of the time there is an event at the end of the journey. I think the term “Social Distancing” is depressing and unintentionally accurate with what has happened as we have been maintaining “Physical Distance” – which is what I prefer to call it. Thankfully, Matt (and others) are continuing the social discourse that gives us a reason to smile and hope on a daily basis. It helps keep us all closer.

  5. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    yeah, it is tough, Bethany and I have been living on the boat half the time and since my restaurant is closed here in Powhatan I miss the 8 to 10 guys we had at the big table for lunch every day.
    This too will pass.
    Home for a while then back to Going Boating…ran the Whirlwind yesterday too.
    John in Va

  6. Danny B
    Danny B says:

    I certainly can’t argue with what you’ve said here, and as a typically glass half empty guy this feels odd for me to say, but look at plus side of this. You can take Stinky out and be just you and the machine. Get to know and feel all it’s quirks and noises even more than you already do. Taking a solitary boat ride has always been something I’ve enjoyed to just ride with no destination other than to clear my mind, think about things, or not think about things and just enjoy the moment, the boat, the natural world all around. You said it was just you and your boy riding around. Take advantage of that. Would he be there riding with just you and him today if the damned C19 hadn’t come to be? Make memories and for both of you. Talk about things you normally don’t or maybe have avoided. I’d give ANYTHING to take just one more ride from point A to point A with my grandfather talking about nothing and everything. The new normal sucks but many of us are still blessed in so many ways that many people are not who still have to face this shite situation.

  7. Scott Young
    Scott Young says:

    Hmmm, “wasn’t all that much fun?” Maybe I’d better run out to your place and take a nice ride in Stinky. Just to make sure you’re doing it right.

    • Reddog
      Reddog says:

      I ‘ll go with ya Scott. If you are looking for another objective opinion. I also liked Danny Bs answer. Take the ride for what it’s worth. Enjoy the company you have. One day that person might not be around. I realize you wanted another boater out on the water with you….he was sittting right next to ya. Maybe after a little while he didn’t want to be out there either but he said to himself “(self) hang in there I’m riding with my pops”. ….OR you could have… Looked at each other, throw your head back, laugh😀 sinisterly 👺and hit the throttle. Glad you made it back safe.

  8. David McMillan
    David McMillan says:

    Fantastic article!

    Just the thoughts that are driving our family to get out there (although distanced from our friends on the water) it’s still a wonderful thing.

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