Bob & Alex Kays- The Classic Boat Photographer's To the Lake Hopatcong Stars

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I have known Alex and his Dad Bob for some years now through Woody Boater. Alex and his Dad have a great eye and a good camera’s.. A great combination by the way.. But add on the fact that they live around some of the finest classic boats in the country on Lake Hopatcong  and we all get to benefit from that Eye Camera combo.. Alex’s and Dad Bob’s work is all over the place up there and is also featured in there local ACBS chapters annual calendar.  I just visited Katz’s marina for a fun story later and their work was plastered all over the walls there as well.. Alex is in collage right now.. I wonder what Alex could find around a Co-ed campus to photograph…mmmm?

Titled.. “August”
Titled BE%206424.. Ugh.. not again.. What is it here.. these guys can shoot the heck out of a scene..  I will admit the use of the % mark.. does add a flair of New York Cab driver.. but may have gone over folks heads.. 
“Chris Craft” 
IMG_5155a…….. Alex…… really.. I think thats been done.. 
Yacht%20Clun%20Redwing…. Two percentage marks.. Wow.. this must be special..  
“Last Ride”

Finally a real good title.. Look at the finish on that boat.. Dang.. Alex, you are the man.. take an English class will ya! Thanks again for sending in your stuff and having a great sense of humor.. 

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