Bob Kays Goes Last Gasping!

bobs Gasp 10

Lets get behind the wheel

Long time fellow Woody boater Bob “Have I Got A Calendar For You”Kays takes us out on a wonderful ride in our annual Last gasp on Lake Hopatcong, courtesy of Katzs Marina. Take it away Bob.

bobs gasp 7

A Look from behind. Bob, its like we are right there with ya!

Thanks Woody,
Oct 21st was about as nice as a October day can be. Sunny, warm and no breeze on Lake Hopatcong. My Chris Craft has been out of the water for about a month ,way to early due to low water.

bobs Gasp 5

Nice fall colors

I was taking some pictures at Katz’s Marina for a friend. Seth had a boat from inventory in the water, when I was about to leave he stopped me. “Take this boat out for some exercise ” he did not have to ask twice ! A nice tour of the lake followed.

Bob Gasp 2

Nice mug Bob! Your smile says it all.

The boat, a 1956 20ft Chris Craft Sportsman was sold new by Lakeland Marine Base on the lake and has never left the lake! A very unexpected last gasp, but very memorable.

Bobs gasp4

Zippidy Doo Da!

Well that’s it, send us in your last gasp adventure for your chance to win some goodies from our store! now for a slow mo trip to give you the vibe of a last gasp!

You can see the entire boat for sale right HERE

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks Bob! LOVE the video.

    Here is a gasp of a different sort. (Is she really going to make that tun?)
    (Note that when my hauler is pulling a boat at this ramp even the local police force shows up to help control traffic. Now that is small town USA.)

  2. Jim Godlewski
    Jim Godlewski says:

    That boat is cool! I have not seen any of these with the mid seat. Is that a factory option? As a matter of fact I don’t see many 20 footers period.
    Love it…

  3. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    Short run to the yard this morning for haulout. 28 degrees, nice morning for a frostbite cruise.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    I also took a free ride at Katz’s. But then I bought the boat. So I guess it wasn’t technically “free.” Free with purchase? 🙂

    Anyhow, never looked back. First class experience with Seth Katz et al, and a special boat: 1968 Chris-Craft 20′ Grand Prix. My Last Gasp ride was taken in that boat a couple years ago. Still remember the evening.

    • Brian Flaherty
      Brian Flaherty says:

      Alex, is that the same Grand Prix that is still listed as for sale on the Katz website? Hull number 1?

      Any chance you may be able to email me some detail pictures of your windshield frame? I am considering converting my single plexi windshield into a 3-piece like the Grand Prix of ’68 and the Corsair of ’70…

  5. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    So, all I gotta do is hang around Katz for a while to be asked to “exercise” a classic? I can do that!

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