Bob Kays Is Looking For The Perfect 10!


Hull 10 pic 2Long time fellow Woody Boater Bob “have I got a calendar for you” Kays sent us in this call to find Hull number 10 that was sold on Lake Hopatcong and is looking for the boat.  Take it away Bob.

Thanks Matt,

Last month Matt sent me an email asking for background info on when Hockenjos Marina on Lake Hopatcong became a Chris Craft dealer. Hockenjos is now called …well, something else that we won’t name right now.  Matt was doing a story on that dealer becoming a new Chris Craft dealer. I provided Matt with some photos and 1927 as the most likely date for the first Chris Craft dealership on the lake as Hockenjos.

Hull 10 ad
As often happens when doing research, I found the following in the Lake Hopatcong Breeze dated June 27, 1925 “ The Santanta, a beautiful new speed boat of the Chris Craft type, built by Chris Smith for Mr. Charles Binnns, of Prospect Point, was launched today by the Decker Brothers of Raccoon Island. The boat arrived at Nolan’s Point by freight and was launched and christened from there and was soon speeding around the lake at 40 miles an hour, a fit rival for the Four Hawaiians and a few oilier of our noteworthy boats at Hopatcong.”

Hull 10 log entry
A phone call to the Chris Craft archives at the Mariners Museum and some research by their staff using the owner name and boat name, found this boat to be a 26’ Chris Craft, hull #10 ! The boat was probably built in 1924 and delivered in June of 1925 by rail. We don’t know how Mr. Binns discovered Chris Craft, possibly boating magazines of the day. But who knows? In 1925 there where 3 33’ Baby Gars on the lake as well as the “Four Hawaiians” a Belle Isle Bearcat. All these boats raced on the lake, but there was no mention of “Santanta” again, so we don’t know if she raced or what happen to her.

Hull 10 pic 1

Wayne out on Lake Hopatcong

Fellow Woody Boater Wayne Mocksfield owned and restored Chris Craft hull # 6 “The Godfather”. It now resides in the collection of the Tahoe Maritime Museum. So both hull number 6 and hull number 10 both graced the waters of Hopatcong. Remember the three Baby Gars? One of them was Baby Gar hull number 1 “Dorothy D’ , later “Miss Hopatcong” sold to JJ Dunn.
So does anyone out there in Woody Boaterville know if hull # 10 still exists ? and if so where it is?


A little about todays header. Its from a shot of Godfather, I aged it, layered old paper on it, and changed the number, and hat. Its art, not the real boat.

The original shot from Bob Kays


Changed the VI to X

Bobs 10-raw4

Converted to BW and a new hat and removed newer boats and buildings to age the photo.

Added a layer of old paper


Added the type. This font is from a source of vintage fonts recreated from hand made poster fonts

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  1. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Now that would be an Awesome find!

    Nice work on that header!

    I may have found the perfect “10”?

  2. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    They seem to loose track of boats delivered to Lake Hopatcong…My first one was a 16′ Chris Riviera delivered to Lakeland Marine Base…another dealer there also long gone. Wayne Mocksfield’s uncle had one like it but no one there remembers the one I eventually owned. As I recall mine was RC-148 but I’ll have to double check that hull # later in the day.

  3. briant
    briant says:

    Just for fun… From that Power Boating advert, $3200 back in 1924, adjusted for inflation etc translates to a cool $73,500 in today’s money.

    The average income that year, $2,196. You could buy a new car for $265. The DOW Jones average was listed at 100.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      You can buy a new Chris Craft on lake Hopatcong from the same marina for $73,500 or a bit less depending on model and features so it looks like CC is keeping inline with overall inflation.

  4. Randy
    Randy says:

    Great ‘antiquing’ job Matt!

    But, if you really zoom in on the ‘old’ boathouses, you will notice the double pane windows. A little more attention to details please (from someone who does pay attention to zippers/snaps/etc.).

  5. Kentucky Wonder
    Kentucky Wonder says:

    Boats like that have a style all their own. Nothing detracting from the form, which is understated curves topped by clean straight lines.

    On another topic, I am amazed that the title of today’s entry has not garnered a Bo Derek reference yet. Maybe Matt was baiting Troy, and Troy saw through the ruse and restrained himself. Or maybe everyone was too scared (wise?) to say anything. Or maybe these are my last words on WoodyBoater.

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    Bob – Do you have any photos of “Four Hawaiians” the Belle Isle Bearcat? (I have a soft spot for that marque) – Texx

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