Brand New Book On The Behind The Scene World Of Chris Crafts!

It’s here! It’s Now! And it’s about 50 years in the making! First chance to buy this very cool new book. In fact we are breaking this news so soon, that you will need to contact the club directly to buy it. The online web purchase is still being tested. There are also signed copies available still. You can still smell the fresh ink..mmmmmm Only Ditto’s smell better…..The book title says it all, View From the Bilge, written by Chris Craft Antique Boat Club member, Donald S. MacKerer, and published by the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club Press. This is a very colorful Memoir, the likes of which you have not read elsewhere. A wonderful inside look at the Chris Craft world when the Smith family was at the helm in Alganoc. A Must read if you plan on babbling on about the history of your boat at boat shows. Designed by Bill Basler who also designs the Brass Bell. This is one you want to leave off the shelf, and on the table…It also makes a great Christmas gift, but act fast. You can contact Bill several ways. One is by phone. 319-247-7207 or email
or snail mail….
Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club
112 14th St. SE
Ceder Rapids, IA 52403
Or Carrier pigeon,Telegraph, or Pony express, for those of you that want to do this the original way. You will still get it time for the Holidays….in 2010

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Thanks for posting this Matt. This book is significant for several reasons.

    First, it is written by Don McKerer, son of legendary A.W. MacKerer. For those who may not be familiar with A.W., he was one of the most influential characters in Chris-Craft company history. He had a hand in the design of many of the boats that we now consider the most beautiful, including the barrelbacks. A.W. was also the plant manager at Chris-Craft Algonac for many years, later rising to a management postion in Pompano.

    Second, this book is as colorfully written as you could ever imagine. It provides an almost voyeuristic view inside the plant, revealing anecdotes that have never been seen in print. This book definitely brings new information to the antique and classic boating enthusiast.

    And finally, it is the first significant title from the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club Press. We would love to see this little press succeed as we will concentrate on niche titles that fall under the larger publisher’s radar. We hope to play a key role in bring these types of manuscripts to life.

    I would love to make Don MacKerer’s book, View From the Bilge our first success story. It’s a great book and Don is very deserving.

    Operators are standing by! 319-247-7207. We will have our web store up very soon. Until then, give me a call. I am very willing to help.

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