Breaking News. The World is Upside Down.

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The Bengals in the Super Bowl, and now this. The Harrisons are actually towing someone in thats broken down. Yes!!! You read this correctly, they are doing the towing. As in the line is on the stern. I mean the universe has changed and yet is the same. Its some sort of cruel joke or the varnish Gods are saying, RESET, and we are back, but with a little twist.

Yes, not retouched or edited. And yes that is a massive floating plastic clot of gas sucking mini van on the water being towed in. With fenders out. And the Harrisons.. no fenders. They are the Canadians. AHHHHHHHHHHHH

I mean over the history of Woody Boater the Harrisons are my go to disaster reference. And yet.. here it is. And so it begins. Another chapter in our little time warp of a universe. I am literally lost at sea.. And, and, and… this brought a huge belly laugh from me this morning, thanks to Thomas Drozd for the email and photo. Dam this is so good. Like finally popping the zit known as 2019-2021.

My memory of 2020..

Now here is the question. If this happened, for gods sake, what other twists and turns lay ahead for us? The same and yet completely different. I am scared.

The same, and yet…. Your eyes are going to pop out of your head.

STAY TUNED.. Here is a teaser. Grab some cookies, cause there is gonna be some milking going on.

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  1. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    That is very funny!

    I need some help. When I bought my ’56 Continental I was careful that it was complete with all the parts, even if it needed a lot of work. Come to find out it had been refit in the 70’s and rather than rechrome anything they replaced it all with aftermarket parts. I am looking for the wedge sloped step plates, so if you see any at the Dora flee market, please let me know!

    • Murdock
      Murdock says:

      Mr. Jimmy Staib will be your initial point of contact on Vendor’s Row at the show.
      He’s loaded up and headed south with a “boatload” of boat stuff.
      Bring lots of dead presidents and Franklins, because when you see all the stuff for sale, you won’t stop at frames and step pads……….promise!

  2. ART A
    ART A says:

    I’ve seen the Cobre fin in blue, and not even a nice royal blue. Pete Beauregard, who owns the Algonac Harbor club, bought it out of Texas and boy was it ugley!!!! Needless to say it got repainted real fast.

  3. Murdock
    Murdock says:

    Hmmmmm………..not sure what “naval architect” designs some of these plastic wonders, but I always thought Carver took the prize for fugly. Looks like they in-breed and reproduce others………
    Never have seen SO many manufacturers try and cram 60′ of boat into 28′ of floating, boxed up crap that looks like it will explode into pieces at any moment. Forget about trying to dock one of those P’sOS in a cross breeze and current with a single screw and a bimini for a sail.

    If you have half a brain and wouldn’t know what boats were, just the pleasing lines of that Sea Skiff being chased by that, that, uh “boat” would tell you boat styles and designs “de-volved”.

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I think Harrison is a “carrier” of that disease and has infected Troy and obviously the owner of that clorox bottle who must be a Canadian friend being a “fender queen”.

  5. Arnie
    Arnie says:

    Are you sure the Harrison’s aren’’t being towed off of a grounding. It’s been known to happen here on Woodyboater!

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