Bringing A Classic Boat Ad To Life.

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Being in the Ad business, it warms my heart to know that folks are using advertisements of the day to help bring their dreams to life. Fellow Woody Boater David Konick is doing just that with his tasty Sea Skiff. We have seen countless Sea Skiffs for sure. If you have seen one you have seen them all, right? Wrong. David is out to change that. And he is in good company. Chris Smith’s Ski Skiff is an electric green. Is it correct? Yup. Because he did it. Is David’s? Well according to the ads it is. And that makes a great story. The trick is matching the color. Which can be tricky. Ads were done in a 4 color process. 4 colors of dots that line up closely to each other. Forming an illusion of color. The real color may be different. The thing is. What was that color? Were is the orig paint formula? If you own such an unusual boat such as a Rocket or factory one off. It’s a good idea to find some of the orig paint on the boat and replace it to exacting perfection. Or look up the orig paint manufacturer and see if they still have the mix formula. What David is doing is just as cool though, because the ads are what we remember. What we dreamed of. So matching the ad is a new twist on color choice. Something Woody Boater applauds. Way to go David. Now, if only you could find that model in the front seat. Oh..wait, she’s probably 80 by now. Never mind.