Can A Name Restore A Boat?


Meet Jimmys Ski Boat. It was a gift to Jimmy from a buddy. It was restored a bit ago, and has a monster motor, so its fun as hell. BUT, the entire boat was covered in clear fiberglass. YUP. Like Stinky. Kinda ruined, and kinda saved. The saving grace on Stinky is that she is painted, but the ski boat? Clear, and has a brazilian little fiberglass spots, not to mention the restorer never really dealt with the wood color and old bungs and well, so on. So what to do? Paint it, Leave it? Strip it? Nope. None of those things. The solution. NAME IT!


Maybe a name can embrace its flaws? And therefore give the boat a personality. I suppose there is a life lesson here. And a study in branding, and choosing to focus on things that are different in a positive light. So what is the name?

This is my favorite year for Chris Crafts.

So what to call her?  Freckles, Spot, Zitter, Zip Zit, MISS BAD GLASS, BAREFOOTER, and Pimples.

We plan on bringing the 1961 Green back onto her hull

One thought is to make her an official Ski Boat from CYPRUS GARDENS? Made up of course, but the decal and copy would cover some of the pimples.


So today we are having a naming party. Looking for names for a 1961 Ski Boat.. And no Ski Daddle, Ski Daddy, Jimsky

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  1. Wudzgud
    Wudzgud says:

    Has a big engine so she hauls ass? She is covered in fiberglass.
    How bout naming her Haulin’ Glass

  2. Russ in olton
    Russ in olton says:

    Not a very good “brazilian” if it left a lot of spots…
    How about “Ski Me.”

  3. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    I like the “Official ski boat” idea! Maybe “Reedville Waterski Club” or “Reedville Ski Show” or whatever town Jimmy lives in?

  4. Steven King
    Steven King says:

    Think iconic beauties of 1961…. “Twiggy” , or “ Elvis” ; let’s take Elvis out for a spin !

  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    We loved our Chris Craft Super Sport. I am a sucker for sweet lines and the bow on our boat and Jimmy’s is cool as heck. In fact, we named ours ” S T Y L E “”

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