Can I Be Saved?

I feel so alone out here, we people shooting at me.

Sometimes I am a hopeless Romantic. This Target Ship off the mouth of the Potomac in the Chesapeake Bay is a wonderful monument of Rust and patina on Steroids. Her name is U.S. Army Ship – American Mariner.

Here I am in 16 ft of water and boy does my back hurt

That’s me on the Poster – I was born in 1941

They keep shooting at me?

I’m still here!

It’s beautiful out here.

I call this artistic BW, Swiss Cheese On Rust

If this is your idea of retirement, UGH!

A study of resilience.

She does have a history. HERE IS A LINK TO HER PAST GLORY.

I used to be so useful

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  1. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    That must be pretty shallow water. I’m surprised some nut job in a high-speed boat hasn’t run into her. She is definitely not an aid to navigation at night.

    • Danny B
      Danny B says:

      Yep the bay’s average depth is only 21 feet so if you fall overboard around here just stand up and you’ll be ok. I’m not sure how it’s marked at night but “the target ship” is fairly well known around the bay and we have morons that run into well lit bridges so….

      And Matt she’s still useful – think of all the people that ship has helped to train to defend the shallow water and sandy bottom she sits in!

      If anyone gets to the Chesapeake area and is interested in seeing a liberty ship that’s definitely NOT Swiss cheese I highly recommend a visit or even better a cruise on the John W Brown docked in Baltimore. I can’t tell you how cool it is to go in the engine room and the triple expansion steam engine is cranking along. The cruise tickets are well worth the price!

  2. Michael Maddox
    Michael Maddox says:

    I remember my grandfather telling me about those Liberty Ships. He wasn’t a big fan, to put it mildly. He said on the whole way home from Europe after the war, he expected it to fall apart at any moment. I wish I knew which one he was on. Cool photos, by the way.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Just needs a couple of spray can n s of Rustolium and. It should be good to go. Maybe a new rubrail also.

  4. Horace
    Horace says:

    why is this rusting hulk on “Woody Boater”?
    It isn’t even a Roamer.
    At least the Lima Bean is made of wood.

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