Carly And Will Take The Plunge Woody Boater Style.


Belcher-Black-Jack-Island-Engagement-Photos-016Fellow Woody Boater Will Belcher and his Boatress Carly decided to do the best engagement photos ever. Of course it helped that they had Will’s dad and also fellow Woody Boater Buzz Belchers cool 1951 Riviera around to make it a very woody engagement. Which by the way are insanely photogenic as are Will and Carly.


Out on Dads Chris Craft

These were all shot by one of the top wedding photographers in the country Amy and Tony Hoffer of Hoffer Photography. The shots were taken on Black Jack Island up in Canada and certainly capture more than folks just getting engaged, there is a story here of love, taking the plunge together all with a deep respect of tradition and history. It also looks like Tony and Amy Hoffer had an amazing time as well. How could you not. Wow.. Lake life, old cool boat houses, cool boats and a fun couple.


Now.. Carly, if you are reading this.. Be careful girlfriend,  it doesn’t get better than this..Next thing Will…will do is introduce you to sand paper… then some varnish. Then you will actually find yourself knowing the difference between Philips Head and Reed and Prince . No really, then dad in law asks if you would help with steam bending a plank. All because you kinda liked Buzz’s boat and showed some tiny tiny bit of interest.




Now of course by now you have asked what Reed and Prince is, and well.. I rest my case. All kidding aside, other than taking on a new conversation starter family last name for the rest of your life. You are the luckiest person on the planet. Congrats from all your fellow Woody Boaters!

You can see the entire photo shoot right HERE


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  1. Chris B
    Chris B says:

    great shots , congratulations, but if those are recent shots in a lake in Canada that water cant be more than 60, likely less then that. you two must be crazy in love.

  2. Dave Clyne
    Dave Clyne says:

    Beautiful photos and best wishes to the couple ! Now I know where Black Jack Island is and where another Riviera is. Not far from home, Ottawa. And now Lady Helen wants a photo in our Riviera like theirs. Best I move along with the restoration first. Sure hope Buzz Belcher brings his boat to the Portland Boat Show.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    Great photos and congrats. My wife knew I was into boating before we married, as a matter of fact I asked her to marry me on a boat in Greenport, NY. When I wanted to add a woody to the stable she was supportive and not surprised. Will is doing this right. Carly be supportive of his hobby and he can never deny you anything, after all he doesn’t want you to ask about costs.

  4. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    We got married 60 years ago because the second time I met my wife I happened to have a nondescript part in my hand. When I told her it was for a boat, she gave me her phone number.

  5. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    Makes the old ticker go “pitter-pat”. Even at my age, I keep thinking somewhere there’s a gal…………………… I scared the crap out of my first wife (not intentionally – throttle stuck heading for a dock) on her second ride in the maiden voyage of my freshly restored ’46 Century. From that ride on it was clear that as my interest in this “addiction” grew, she was heading in a different direction, although she mostly just stayed home. And I…..went to boat shows. And I bought more boats. And, so it goes………………….

  6. Steve L
    Steve L says:

    I love the way the stuffing in that Riv is loose and worn out! No rips but it looks old and comfortable. Just like a favorite chair or couch. The Riviera is great looking boat!

  7. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    These photos are terrific! Will & Carly are two people who are clearly in love with each other and I wish them much success in their upcoming nuptials and marriage.

    My wife & I are in the 33rd year of our marriage. I’ve been blessed in my addiction/obsession with Woody Boating because my wife understands the nature of my affliction. She is a Sailing instructor and knows firsthand the lure of the water. Still she didn’t know my secret (I would describe it as latent) desire to own a Cruiser. And when I finally took that plunge I did so without her knowledge. I wouldn’t recommend this course of action to anyone who values their relationship. But, she eventually came around, forgave me my indiscretion and now is a willing partner.

    I hope that Will & Carly can find mutual joy in a shared passion for the Woody Boater Lifestyle! I would recommend this course of action for all!!

  8. Thorn
    Thorn says:

    I was working on a boat when my girl friend pulled me out of the garage to put a ring on my finger. I am still working on boats and very happily married after 27 years.
    I wish we would have done some photos like this when we got engaged.
    Keep us posted with the wedding photos!

  9. jim g
    jim g says:

    I worked on their boat right after they bought it before it left to go to Canada. I glad their having fun with it. Hope you have a wonderful life together.

  10. Scott Stensland
    Scott Stensland says:

    Every morning I look forward to the new “header”, and over the years there have been some amazing shots; today I have an all time new favorite…congrats Carly & Will.

  11. Adam
    Adam says:

    Awesome pictures! My wife and I have been married for about a year now, and did similar pictures on my Lyman! I think the engagement pictures are better than all the wedding ones, and I show the boat pictures off more than the wedding day pictures. I wish we would have had a boat house though, your pictures look great!

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