Censorship And Gratuitous Boat Photos.

Boat photos for no reason. Chris and his bad ass Racer

Yesterdays story regarding the Chris Craft Club evoked some passionate comments. Actually attacks on certain people. BTW, the number one thing that violates our policies. No cursing, or personal attacks. We deleted all the comments regarding that one whopper by “George” BTW, George is not George, he is…… Well Joe Martell.

Robert Miracle photos are the best – Shamrock

Now, I am loose on all this. Sometimes an attack is focused on me, or left wing, right wing stuff. YA YA, no one cares. What we do care about is boat stuff. Firewood Hydros for $50K, boat show judging fails and Troys deep issues.

TROY – The King of the Woodyboater world!

Its all the fun spice that keeps this all going. I can honestly say you and I have no idea what crap will be here on any given day.

Lake Chatuge – Miracle Photography

Such is the rhythm and heart beat of our collective universe. But personal attacks are just dumb. Here is a tip to those who want to go on a personal attack, no matter what you say, or how crappy the attack, YOU are the one that looks like a tool.

Peace on earth

Also, you may think you are doing it as someone else. But I know who you are. I will protect you and not let that out, but I know. I have ways. And just know, I don’t forget.

What a morning that was

Your use of our universe for your crap, is well.. CRAP!   Despite the clicks, cause everyone loves a fight. WAIT. Hold on.. Maybe I have been a little too harsh on the attacks.

Like a painting

So here is a solution.. I mean clicks are good.. If you are on the attack, and want to call out left wing liberals as mask wearing fools, or right wing racist nazis, or crooks in the hobby, be clever about it. Disguise the dis in a clever way.


We love you all, no matter how you like to get wet!


Steve Lapkin delivers

A Bob Kays Classic. No matter the color of your hull, we are all one

One more BOB shot to make the point!

LETS go boating!

For those of you wanting to know who in the hell Joe Martell is. CLICK HERE. These are all the stories about Joe. He even became Woody Boater of the month.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Yeah, I agree, and since you are commenting on photos, how about that header shot yesterday!

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Thanks for ALL the boat pics. It is snowing here again this morning. Not enough to stick around, but enough to make one sigh and long for warm weather and boating.

    That picture of the 4 U22’s at Main Lake Market has always been one of my favorites. Thanks Bob!

    PS: I will never hide behind an alias. If I have something to say everyone will know that it came from me.

    Speaking of favorites!

  3. Jeff @ Indian Lake
    Jeff @ Indian Lake says:

    While not having been here long I appreciate you keeping this place civil. Too much stuff happening in this great country of ours. But we need to get back to boats and the weather!….here’s “My Girls” all tied up with no place to go in the 25° Ohio weather…..brrrr

  4. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    Matt, most every day I read your posts and am amazed and humbled to see how much yo accomplished the previously. Base upon yesterdays event it appears that you read posts as they come in. That is at the same time that you are running a business, buying and rebuilding a marina and railroad, scraping and varnishing Sweet Pea, taking a thousand photos of your new mutt, eating and sleeping, putting in a new motor on one of your dozen boats, writing and monitoring WOODY BOATER, and what else??? How about a story and photos about all the thousand of employees that do all this work for you? You are the man, I’m humbled.

    Oh, and have a meaningful Earth Day.

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    HA, I missed 2 hrs and thats when that comment came in. Yes monitoring the site is a full time gig for sure. I will admit, this past year has been a challenge with no boat shows or community stuff to use. Fresh photos are all from my area. I cant wait to travel again. BTW, I had my second shot two days ago, yesterday was spent in a old achy body for sure. But this morning I bounced right back to my normal achy body. Getting old is not for the faint of heart thats for sure. But you do learn that crap is crap and not much you can do about it, BUT LAUGH!

  6. David Clyne
    David Clyne says:

    Actually you are on a good roll this week with almost daily photos of Sweet Pea. For me, that’s a good day. Did I say i love the header today ?

  7. Mark
    Mark says:

    Well I am a total outsider here and do not condone personal attacks but the club is so hush on everything that I can see where frustration would boil over and lead to some anger.

    As a card carrying paying member can’t we get any info on what happens through the forum ?

  8. Matt
    Matt says:

    Yes, Mark its a fine line. We are wide wide open here. Not a club, no directors or politics to deal with. The drama yesterday was focused on one person and not fair. It would have been fine to talk about the issue with the CCABC without personal issues. I understood the anger for sure. I even got sucked into it. As did others. But decided it was a toxic comment in the way it was crafted and all the other comments where actually very ballenced. But needed context.half way so I just went in a cleared them out. I halfway thought of editing the comment to remove the name and change it up. But Thats a slippery slop.

  9. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    I didn’t even write anything negative yesterday (I never do) and my comment got pulled. Must have been the comment on the Cowgirl. Oh well, Just remember Matt. This is a fun/informative site. I for one enjoy it. Sooo don’t let anything grind you down. Keep em coming. 29 degrees in southern Ohio this morning. Happy Earth Day!

  10. Matt
    Matt says:

    I think it realted to the other comment and needed the negative one to make sense. I think.. I was in a fever fog.

  11. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Keeping it light up in ccccold michigan. That’s the beauty of running your own site, you get to make the rules. By the way, the fact that you work hard to keep it a happy place on the web is what keeps me coming back for more!

    I will gladly live in the world you are in charge of.

  12. Chris B.
    Chris B. says:

    I missed all the excitement yesterday. I have been getting emails for me to look at woodyboater today so I am. Great to see that boat again. Maybe I will have a motor for it this year and I can use it. This has been a tough year on everyone and temps seem to boil over on the smallest thing sometimes. I have seen it in may group and only try to remember that not everyone is handling the change in our world the same. I say let it go, don’t escalate the problems of others.
    Ice is out snow is back but soon we well be boating and taking a deep breath of relaxation. thanks Matt for your daily injection of happiness in woodyboaterville. Like boats dogs are supposed to be calming

  13. Charlie Berry
    Charlie Berry says:

    Well I missed the whole thing, damn something else to jump into with personal invective and opinion.

  14. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    Matt! thought I saw you go by with Sweet pea, when I was laying in hospital bed a month ago with covid and pulmonary embolism.That was some good stuff they gave me as the room was rockin back and forth from your wake.Could actually feel my body sliding up and down in bed.Was laughing so hard.Staring at the ceiling and watching the northern lights.The terradactyl sitting on the foot of the bed-eyeing my leg was no fun tho.

  15. Marshall (Mahogany Mafia) Guthrie
    Marshall (Mahogany Mafia) Guthrie says:

    Wow liberals are mask wearing fools and conservatives are racist nazis that seems like a one sided attack. One group of us likes to wear masks and another group of us are gasing an entire group of people based on their religion good job matt i applaud u sir.

  16. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Matt: Thank you for including me in WoodyBoater Royalty, but I have to disagree because you are King! So, where does that leave me in the royal line up? For the answer to that I must tell you a story.

    On some occasion a few years ago I was particularly frustrated with Sandi and said “Sometimes you are just a F***ing spoiled Princess!” (for those of you who know Sandi you know that she does not take crap from anyone, especially me.) After processing my comment she looked me in the eye and stated “NO, I am a Duchess.” Since that day I have referred to her as The Duchess of Band-Aids, so I guess that makes me a Duke.

    Sandi at the helm of HER 1000HP 40′ express cruiser, Band-Aids

  17. Rick
    Rick says:

    After reading WoodyBoater at breakfast I didn’t get a chance to look at it again yesterday so I missed all the drama. Interestingly I also posted a picture of the Bruiser spread a few days ago when I received my issue and there were no comments on it. Guess I’m just not taken seriously, and that’s fine with me to be under the radar.

  18. John F Rothert
    John F Rothert says:

    I checked in yesterday and Went Boating….think the comments were something? Well, we had a blue bird day on the water replete with gust to 40, hail, driving rain that loaded the dink on the davits…all while sun out and beautiful…and then I come home to Joe Martell….what a day!

    Best to all,

    John in Va.

  19. Delete This.
    Delete This. says:

    Matt, we Dems are mask wearing folk that want to control everyone with microchips inserted into their brains via vaccinations under the ruse of a bogus pandemic, before we sit down to a banquet of little children at the local pizzaria, and after we take all of their guns away while allowing everyone to have at least three abortions, in hopes that we destroy the USA, by also having open borders so that Cheech and Chong can take our jobs, which used to be at the local electric car plant in those few sanctuary cities. Did I mention that we also will give anyone a real birth certificate, just for kicks. Our fake news outlets can tell you where to apply.

    We are far more motivated than those lazy racist nazis on the right.

    By the way, I love the smell of varnish in the morning….

  20. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    I need to also mention that all the pictures today special. Incredibly beautiful. I really like the sailboat, is it a Hereshoff design?

  21. John Peckham
    John Peckham says:

    This past weekend we ( Classic Yacht association) had our opening day event at the Huntington Harbor yacht club in sunny (85f) Southern California

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