Century Sea Maid Makes Commercial Fame In Pro Health Care Commercial

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Happy Heart Guy!

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Brian Kramer for sending us in this cool commercial for Pro Health Care. The boat belongs to Brian and is featured in a commercail about Open Heart Surgery.  Shhh don’t talk about condensers or Generator 3rd brush adjustment stuff. Or the invoice from your restoration guy!!!!!! Regardless of the details, the spot is a nice healthcare commercial, shot well, and done in a human way. IT reminds us of all the wonderful things ahead in our lives. Woody Boats being one of the biggies.

Pro Health Care BVK Century


Here is the story from Brian. 

Like many things, it started with a simple phone call in late summer 2015…a phone call where I thought a fellow ACBS/Glacier Lakes member was pranking me. You know the member in your chapter – the one that is known for being a practical joker. We have a few of those in our Glacier Lakes chapter but that is a story for another day.

When I continued the conversation with Wil Vidal our Glacier Lakes member/Past Commodore/Jack of All Trades for the Club, I realized a large hospital system in Southeastern Wisconsin was looking for a lake house owner WITH a wood boat! Well, as fate would have it we fit the request on both accounts. We known live on Pewaukee Lake in Pewaukee Wisconsin AND have a 1948 – 19 Foot Century Sea Maid (1 of 6 known to exist out of 62).

Pro Heal Care Heart

Q that huge logo!

I talked with the marketing representatives from the hospital a few times and they then came to view the house and take pictures of the boat on the water. During the hose and boat visit my father-in- law was there and they liked the look of him and his Greek Fisherman’s hat which he is to wear. A month later, I got another call that said the hospital client liked what they say and wanted to shoot the video at our house in late September 2015.


A Star is born.. OK, restored. “I am ready for my close up Mr Demille.”

Great News – Another Century in film!

The shoot day was right around the corner and late September 2015 weather was perfect. The day started early with nearly 30 people at our house turning it into a Hollywood set complete with Production Assistants, catering, hair and makeup (I only needed make up), props, etc. The final video is in the order of the shoot for the day – a great way to start with boat shoots on the lawn (including my father-in- law wiping down the boat in the background as I walk up to the boat) and then riding off into the sunset with a fictional “grandson” sitting next to me. Did not think I looked that old to have grandkids but the 10-year- old hired model was a joy to work with and maybe a future wood boat owner???


Ready for the Grandkid!

So although I thought the initial call was a prank from a fellow ACBS Glacier Lakes member it turned out to be another great chance to show our boats and hobby to all the people of Southeastern Wisconsin. Sooo, without further adooo. The Commercial! Roll that beautiful bean footage!

Here below are the credits for the commercial, A huge congrats to BVK Agency for concepting such a spot, and many others they have done for Pro Health Care.

Client:  ProHealth Care

Title: Other Plans

Production Company:  Full Circle Producer Services

Director:  Robb Fischer

Agency:  BVK

Creative Director:  Gary Mueller

Copywriter:  Mike Holicek

Art Director:  Michael Vojvodich

Producers:  Terri Burmester/Kristin Peterson

Editorial:   Independent Edit

Audio:  Independent Studios

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  1. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    If they wanted an unmistakable grandfather look Wil should have played the part. You could have been Father/Son or stretched into older brother.

  2. Don Vogt
    Don Vogt says:

    Cool story, Matt. And the boat really looks lovely. Worth a further story in an of itself. The restoration, more pictures, etc. Don’t see those around much.

  3. Roberta H
    Roberta H says:

    Love that commercial. We are also Pro Health members and love the care given. Good Job Brian!!!!

  4. John Lisicich
    John Lisicich says:

    Aloha and happy Thursday!
    This is REALLY GREAT! Love to see more cool vintage wooden boats in commercials. GREAT boat GREAT work and done well.
    Thank you for sharing this.
    John Lisicich
    Fairliner Torpedo #32 owner

  5. Brian Kramer
    Brian Kramer says:

    Jim Staib. Right on regarding Wil. He had to nap that day though and could not make it!!? In all seriousness though It all started with Wil and he is a great ambassador for our craft(s)

  6. Beth L
    Beth L says:

    Great job, Brian! I haven’t yet seen the the commercial on television, but I’ll keep an eye out for it. Beautiful boat!

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