Chad Goes Hunter S. Thompson On Us On Torch Lake! Post Your Art Today!

Chad as in Chader S. Thompson?

Chad as in Chad-er S. Thompson?

Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Chad for sharing with us his cool pictures from this past weekend on Torch Lake Michigan at the Cruising For The Cure event. Clearly Chad, Matt B and the gang from Wooden Runabout Co. were channeling some sort of 60’s vibe in a wicked Gull Winged 1961 21 Chris Craft Continental. This boat is insane cool, or is it just insane? Either way the pictures are fantastic.

chad 21-1

Note the gang of trouble makers in the mirror? This shot says it all. Even the green shades for starboard is right.

Chads 21-2

Dang Dang dillia ding dong dang dang that is one cool lookn craft! One of the three dream boats on the bucket list.. And no not Phils 5 gallon bucket list. Gull Wing is lovingly owned by Chris & Laura Maloney from Gull Lake in Richland, Michigan. PERFECT NAME, PERFECT LETTERING.

Chads 21-4

That is one cool lookn dude at the helm. Of course that means there are 3 guys all in the aft area..


And this stunning gull wing shot . If you missed this header on Saturday, here it is again!

And this stunning gull wing shot . If you missed this header on Saturday, here it is again!

chads 21-6

Art man.. Pure art.. Embrace it.. It’s summer, this photos says it all without having to see the boat, which of course is the irony since a mirror is for seeing other boats, in focus. That’s the point and what makes it art.. Not Art Linkletter, more like  Warhol. Well actually to be specific more of a Charlie McCullers kinda channeling thing. Lost? Thats I think what Chad was trying to say in this piece.

Share your art like photos or drawings your kids did today on Art Tuesday! Not to be confused with Tuesday Weld.. Which would make a fun Tuesday Weld Wednesday? Not to be confused with Wednesday Addams. OK I think I am done now. Post your art today!

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I always liked the non-hardtop continentals, especially the 1961’s with the green white and gold interiors. The gullwing top sure looks cool though.

  2. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Chad is going Gonzo? Hope he’s not shooting at his file cabinet!
    We had one of these in our club, all I could do was stand and drool over the classy interior.

  3. Chad
    Chad says:

    The Elvis shades were the brilliant idea of Mike & Kirk, playing on the circular hole motif. The gold anodized, cast aluminum support just might be the most outrageous piece of CC hardware out there.

    • Alex
      Alex says:

      “Might be” is the operative phrase.

      Is this a challenge?

      Are you listening Mr. Man Behind The Curtain?

  4. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    Great boats & photos! Particularly like those chrome reflection shots. Mid-century bowlights were definitely art.

  5. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    it was fun running with these guys on the Friday morning Poker Run, but my Lyman and I were running at a little slower pace that day . But I caught up to them at each poker stop. These guys love to burn fuel!!! Only one speed, “balls out”…

  6. Alan
    Alan says:

    Where do you guys buy the small life rings, we only have the very large one in New Zealand. Interested in a supplier details.
    Many thanks

  7. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    In a continuation of the port hole theme (love the Elvis sunglasses/hardtop ‘b’ pillar link) my submission:

  8. John Mears
    John Mears says:

    My Boatress (Deb) gold leafing and engine turning “Cat’s Meow”, or 1948 33ft Cris Craft Deluxe Enclosed Cruiser

  9. TommyHolm
    TommyHolm says:

    Decadent and depraved, matt & chad. ….Where ‘s my shot gun, I,ll put some buck shot in that gull and wing it so it could only fly south. I,d follow it and let it find some good times in the Keys whence I,d get a shrimp boat and spike some sponges until the sun comes down and go after it again when the haze burned off and the captain awaken from the booze and drug craze that took him down three days hence. Chris said it all “when the Going gets weird, the weird turn pro “. Party on Garth !

  10. Bradley
    Bradley says:

    Chad, Here is one of your Sister Ships. Your Gull Wing is Absolutely Beautiful! Looks like you had a Great Time! Mine is All Original, and hopefully just as Spiffy one day.
    I have yet to get her on the water. I think she is the Coolest Boat Built in my lifetime! I feel so lucky to be an owner.

  11. Chad
    Chad says:

    Bradley, the boat is not mine… although I was lucky enough to sit behind the wheel and pretend. The restorers were showing off their handy work last weekend at a boat show and they took me for a spin. The owners are Chris and Laura Maloney from Gull Lake, MI.

    Your boat looks fantastic! You are lucky indeed.

    • Bradley
      Bradley says:

      From what I see, the restorers did a Fine Job!! At least you got a Ride and a Good Time!! It takes a lot of penny savin’ to get one professionally restored.

  12. Chad
    Chad says:

    Yours looks to be an awesome, well preserved candidate. I was amazed the number of little “bits & pieces” on that boat. An insane amount of trim detail to deal with.

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