Choose Your Favorite Classic Boat Transom! And Give A Poor Man Some Peace.


I have been through this hell countless times. Transom Hell! Fellow Woody Boater Chad, is right at that point. After a 4 year restoration of exacting detail. He is faced with what is one of the toughest decisions of the restoration. Why. Because it’s art. And thus subjective. There you are. You have used the correct everything. Agonized over the interior the correct screws, wire color and texture….. But there is guidance on that, there is what was before to fall back on. Even the occasionalBW photo. But naming and lettering. Ahhhhhh . Woody Boater Chad has done his homework though. And now has to make a tough choice. Since all the orig hand sign guys are long gone, or to jittery to do it old school, no fonts, just a bottle of wine and years of lettering in there own style….. A newer guy needs some help. That is were you come in. We want your feedback. Some fonts mimic hand lettering, some not, but retain a look… There is Silver/ Aluminum Leaf, OR Gold leaf. Gold Paint, with a highlight, what would a Utility have had. Is leaf to fancy???????..I have numbered them. Just hit comment and have at it. Anything goes. We will follow up, and do a story on the final result. Winner gets a ride..

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  1. pulnaway
    pulnaway says:

    well, being a utility i would go with real gold paint with a contrasting outline. from what i see it looks like lily is the name? as for the writing style i dont see a style i would pick, but #5s not bad. the W would need to be changed and the name should be higher on the transom and have the area name your from…ie three rivers.

  2. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    I am seeing a pattern here, based on 3 posts. Simple for a utility. I suppose the owner of this boat back in the day would not have been as obsessed as we all are. So it would have been an after thought and what ever the guy who was around could do. The trick here is to replicate no carring. Oh Dear! Kind of like having a crush on a girl in Jr High and pretending to not stalk her….

  3. Chad Durren
    Chad Durren says:

    I was lucky with the boat as the original owner never had her named. “Lily” is the name of my daughter, born July 2, 2008. Naming the boat after her was a no-brainer.

  4. woody boater
    woody boater says:

    Actually there is a long standing tradition of naming ones boat after there daughter here on the Chesapeake bay. Most work boats are named like that.

  5. allen
    allen says:

    I like #10 . I used a similar font on my 1947 U-22 Sassafras… in the hull listings with Chris Craft Club.


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