Chris – Craft Antique Boat Clubs 2014-2015 Brass Bell Wins Huge Award, Beats Out 6,000 Others.

2014 Brass BellHuge news from the Chris – Craft Antique Boat Club, this years Brass Bell has won a huge award. As you all know we are huge fans of the Brass Bell and have for years since its dramatic and controversial re-design by long, long time Woody Boater Bill Basler. Who by the way is still in the Hospital, and getting some of his spit and vinegar back!  It’s fantastic to see that the current team has taken the publication to a wonderful level, and direction. Congrats to all from Woody Boater, in our hearts it’s been an award winner from day one.
Below is the communication last night from Lorraine from Catalyst. Here it is.

Earlier this year, Bill Baldwin and Catalyst entered The Brass Bell from 2014 into an international competition for the 2015 Communicator Awards. The Brass Bell won an Award of Excellence in the non-profit magazine category which is the top award! We just received notice today. So the club can proudly say that its publication is award-winning. Congratulations to the club! There were over 6,000 entries in the Communicator Awards.

print_gold_21The category is judged based on overall design and content. We credited the following people: Bill Baldwin, Brian Hughes, Don Ayers, Patti Hinson and Lorraine Negley from Catalyst Communications.

The Communicator Awards is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts, an invitation-only group consisting of top-tier professionals from acclaimed media, communications, advertising, creative and marketing firms. Catalyst was invited to submit work to the competition.

Thanks again to the entire Club, Editorial team and Catalyst Communications for a wonderful job! On to greatness!

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  1. Jim Staib
    Jim Staib says:

    Wow! I miss advertising in one issue and they get this huge award. Wonder if there is a message there. Either way great job.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Well Jim if we are going to think that way. I got one little human interest story published and BAM they win this HUGE AWARD.

      I think we all know it is the unbridled effort of many that has created this wonderful publication and bragging rights. I am thrilled to be a small fleck of dust on a cog of the wheel that calls itself the Chris Craft Antique Boat Club.


      • FLASH
        FLASH says:

        I don’t know Troy, it might have been the story of the little red ski boat.

        In all seriousness, The Brass Bell is a first class publication and rightfully deserves this award. Congratulations to Bill Baldwin and the gang. I still remember the first issue I received and I was astonished at the quality of print, paper, photos, and content. Great job folks!!

  2. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    I’m so proud of the entire Antique Wooden Boat community!! Very proud to be even a small part of it! 1st Woody Boater wins a Top Advertising award and now The Brass Bell wins this huge award!! Congrats to Bill, Don, Bill, Patti, Brian and Lorraine on a great job!! I look forward to every issue!!

  3. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Congratulations, Brass Bell team.

    And, controversy or not, you have to give some credit to Bill Basler. He’s a truly gifted graphic designer. And the design he created for The Brass Bell is one of the most beautiful of any publication anywhere. I wish he could work his magic on a couple of other classic boating publications. Get well, Bill.

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Congrats to all involved!!!! Putting that together four times a year and keeping the quaility up is no small task. Even when they need to go dumpster diving for content and call up a cruiser guy like Troy, somehow they make it look fantastic!

  5. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Congratulations to Bill Baldwin and his team at the Brass Bell…
    You have taken it to new heights…The recognition is truly and justly deserved…I’d like to be in the audience when the award presentation is made…It would be nice if it could be presented at Keels & Wheels this weekend where lots of Bill’s hometown and homestate friends will be on hand.

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    The Brass Bell is by far one of the best print publications in the hobby. Congratulations to Bill Baldwin, his entire team and Catalyst Communications for winning the Award of Excellence.

    Also to Bill Basler for his early contributions and vision for the Brass Bell. – Texx

  7. Mike Moore
    Mike Moore says:

    My first post here and it’s to congratulate the Brass Bell team on such a fantastic award! I feel very privileged to have met a few of the guys involved and I can only hope to be of some small help in the future, well done and I’ll be raising a glass to you all.
    Cheers, Mike

  8. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    I can’t help but believe Bill Basler had a big part in bringing BB up to a very high level not to diminish what the BB team has done since they made the transition. Congratulations to all involved – it is a worthy publicati0n for all to admire that had any part in it.

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