Chris Craft Bike On Ebay From A Overly Honest Seller.

It's a Chris - Craft

It’s a Chris – Craft

If you are on ebay, and who isn’t. You may have come across this cool Chris – Craft folding bike. Now we see these from time to time. They are priced like the Jerry Conrad books, priced in a way that makes me scratch my head. Oh , sure its a supply and demand thing. And having a cool Chris Craft bike laying around is fun. Regardless, it is a what ever a buyer is willing to pay deal. What caught my eye on this one particular sale though is the sellers comments. It made the bike all that better? Why, by telling us all its issues in a fun non sleazy trying to hide stuff way. The seller  wahwah1055 respects whomever is going to buy it by saying what is wrong with it right at the top. For that alone, you know what you are getting. The issue here is, is this an honest seller or when you get there to pick it up, is this a person that just enjoys pointing out flaws?  “Ya, that car you pulled up in has some rust, and the “R” in SubuRban is off. Oh and your wife is fat, and really ya outta get that mole looked at. Want to come in for lunch? We are having undercooked wieners, and some stale chips. Oh, thanks for buying the bike, watch out for holes in the road.”

Just think how cool it will sound when you say, hey I ride my cabin boy all around the marina..

Just think how cool it will sound when you say, hey I ride my cabin boy all around the marina..

All kidding aside, I like the way  wahwah1055 is selling the bike. But as an editor, I might have told folks how rare it is at the top, or how cool you would look riding around the marina, OR it’s a MUST have to have at any boat show, hey wait a minute, that’s a cool idea.. Oh, wait, its missing a nut. Wait, I am a nut… Anyway, here is the fun listing description. He had me at Known issues #2

 Hello, for auction is a very rare Chris Craft folding bicycle.

Known issues

The "nut" pin like replacement

The “nut” pin like replacement

1. The biggest issue is that it’s missing the locking pin that keeps it from folding. There was a Bolt in place when I found it. I road the bike for a couple of hours and didn’t have any issues with the bolt coming lose. But I would hate for someone to get hurt so it would be best to find a replacement or rig something more permanent up.

2. Some less-than intelligent person welded one of the pedals to the crank, I mean why?  They are very high quality pedals so I don’t envision this ever being a problem but because of this it adds to the shipping because now it has to be shipped as bulk.

3. Will most certainly need new brake lines and guides( their is black electrical tape holding them in place.) The bike stops fine with the ones on there now but the covering on the cable is in rough shape. Tires are weather checked and will need replacing — but they do hold air.

4. I think it will need a new stem for the handle bars as I don”t think this one is original. There is a bunch of washers used as shims so it most likely needs a shorter stem.

5. There is rust around the bike. but it’s mainly just surface rust caused by scratches in the paint as you can see.

6. The chrome has some rust on the handle bars and on the bottom of the chain guard. But a little Barkeepers Friend may take care of that(not a guarantee.)

7. The generator and lights work however the back one only worked after I cleaned the connection. It will need a better cleaning and perhaps a new screw holding it in place.

8. I don’t think the seat is original. But it is a very well made one.

9. I’m not sure if the bell came on this bike from the factory but it will need replacing as well.

10. Finally, the stickers. A few of them may be salvaged but other probably can not… oh, and it’s missing the a valve stem cover.

OK that's cool, unless you are sandwiched in the center of it, because the 'Nut" like pin plopped out!

OK that’s cool, unless you are sandwiched in the center of it, because the ‘Nut” like pin plopped out!

The bike is in over-all decent — well-ridden shape. I’m listing all the negatives in fine point because I don’t want you to be disappointment with your purchase. It’s been my experience that surprises are better when they are pleasant.

There is a leather pouch on the back that has wrenches in it. I’m not sure if that came from the factory or not but it’s a cool extra if it was.

It’s a fun little bike to ride. The rims appear to be straight(I’m not an expert so that is not a guarantee) and it’s very rare. From the little I could find out about them they were apparently sold in some kind of catalog in the mid to late 60’s.  The last one to sell on Ebay was a few years ago. That’s pretty rare.

Okay, shipping. The box I’m shipping the disassembled bike in is 39″ long  22″ wide and 16″ tall  and weighs just shy of 40 lbs.   Depending on where you live it may be reasonable to ridicules(IE out west.) I’m truly sorry but I charge only what the post office charges me and not a penny more.

Also I have lots more pictures. Feel free to ask and I’ll send them to you.


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    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      You mean coldest guy? Like out in the snow rehabbing on an old bike while everyone else is toasty warm inside on the high tech equipment? I’ll pass!

      I think it would be a better fit for the New Jersey climate. You could ride it on the Atlantic City Boardwalk and reminisce about when the bike was new and the casinos were still in business. Or ride into NYC and fold it up and bring it on the subway with you.

  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    As most of you regulars know, I have one and treasure it.
    The ebay bike seller is the most honest I have ever encountered!
    He is correct in saying the seat is not original, but the bell he questions is. Overall that is a great bike. Will be interested to see what is brings. ULTRA RARE…….and no, mine is not for sale at any price. Rides great too. Always carry it on the cruiser when going to shows…

    John in Va.

  2. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    M-fine, you ride it around inside the rehab place or buy snow tires! I don’t have to go to AC, I have boats to make my money disappear.and I have been on a NYC subway once in 25 years.

  3. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    We rode the subway from the hotel to the 9/11 memorial this summer…The bike would have been nice but I’d have had to have another for my wife.

    Speaking of eBay which I no longer know how to navigate…What ever happened with the pretty blue GarForm that was on Woody Boater a month or so ago.

    Neat to have two separate items ( this bike and Black Hawk show) in a single day’s postings

  4. jim g
    jim g says:

    I wonder if the bag under the seat still has the tools the bike came with. I bought the 2 I have off ebay 4 or 5 years ago as a pair for the price he’s asking for one.

    Oh if anyone has a correct extra generator for a CC bike. I need one. One of mine was broken off during shipping.

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