Chris Craft Coveralls

Hang’n out in New Orleans

A huge thanks to Low Timers for Stinkys new Work Coveralls. These are real vintage coveralls that Lowtimers made into Stinky’s Race Team Coveralls. Low Timers uses a vintage Chain stitch machine, all done by hand. This is a 1950’s machine and it gives stuff the real textured cool look of the period. Not Embroidery. Chain Stitch is how it would have been done.

Note the texture

Even has her made up number, so you know its real

Name above the pocket

Fits like a glove. An OJ Simpson glove. But by spring I should have lost all I ate this week

LOW TIMERS is located on the web, Instagram and brick and mortar store in Bywater New Orleans

Inside the Low Timers store

Small, but jammed

Always something unique, Old and cool. The jacket is real vintage stitching and all

Sit a spell.

So next time you are in New Orleans, stop on by, tell them Woody sent you!
Here is a short tour of the store.


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6 replies
  1. Jamie T
    Jamie T says:

    I’m definitely getting them to do some Coveralls with Packard Chris Craft of them. Been thinking about this for a while. Love it.

  2. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    Looks like another great resource for us. Coveralls have a different look down south. Not much room for script.

  3. thomas dial
    thomas dial says:

    i got this at an auction about 10 years ago, real deal vintage. on the inside of collar in faded ink it says Geil Boat Co., anyone ever hear of it or know where it was/is?

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