Chris Craft Dealer Lighter. It Still Can Help Sell Your Boat. Here's How.


First. You need to buy it on eBay. Click here.  But hurry, the auction ends today. Now. You have this old ratty boat in your garage that you got a year ago with dreams in your head… but don’t even have the energy to look at it anymore. That’s OK. You buy this lighter, and take it to your boat in the garage sitting under that pile of old plumbing supplies and broken stereos that you will also fix one day. NO! you don’t light it all up… Jesus.. give me some credit here. Now… You put the lighter in the boat.. In a tucked away place.. That’s right.. a place that someone might find it. if they are looking for something… OK..

Now, do a yard sale slash garage sale and put in the listing.. Plumbing supplies, old stereos, Barbi dolls… old wood speed boat..children’s cloths… you get the idea. Now.. any picker worth his salt with just read old wood speed boat. For gods sake don’t explain what the boat is. Yes we all know you know the date it was built and the wood grain supplier. For gods sake just play dumb here. Trust me.. So. a new dreamer shows up to your “yard Sale” he will fish around and look at some of the crap that you have laying around, and ask about certain things… Like tell me about your Barbi collection.. And then he will wonder over and ask about the boat. Like its a find for him.. But if you look closely, he has traveled three states to look at your Barbi collection… Mmmm maybe..that’s another story… Anyway.. you say. Oh ya, it was here when I got the place.. My wife wants the space for her mini van. I have never even cleared it out. All that crap on top has been there for a while. The new dreamer will be trembling inside. He has found his treasure. At this point. YOU SHUT UP! let him look in private… He will clear the dang thing off, and will look around… And then it will happen.. He will find the lighter. And the deal is done. It tells a story of were the boat was gotten, that the guy smoked and died of cancer and that’s why the boat is there… And he has found it. You are merely a ignorant mini van man with a killer barn find boat in your garage. Tell him to make an offer. And you have now at least gotten a conversation started. At this point it’s all in the numbers. He thinks he has a barn find and you my friend have a possible new space for another dream.. All because you bought a lighter on ebay today. Happy bidding.

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