Chris Craft Oil Can On Ebay. I Have Mixed Feelings About This. UPDATE SOLD FOR $383.00 WOW!

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Chris Craft Thumb Oil Can

Part of me says, shut up Matt, just let it lay there over the weekend while everyone is out boating. Maybe they will miss it. Then the other part says, no Matt, tell the world, there is someone out there with a triple pre war that needs one of these to sweep all the shows, then the other me says, screw them, its ebay and its a dog eat dog world, highest bidder wins, then the other side says, ya but I might be the highest bidder, don’t be a fool and find more folks to bid against you. Ugh, its exhausting fighting with myself. And then it dawns on us both, it’s Saturday and everyone is dealing with relatives and friends, they’re not reading Woody Boater today. So my good side is happy, and my selfish greedy side is happy.

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Still usable, not real rust issues on the outside

I think? These are for pre war engines. As I recall, my boat didn’t have these as part of the kit that came from Chris Craft. I will let the experts chime in if you know any specifics. You may recall we did a story on these earlier this year. But this one doesnt say Chris Smith and Sons, so its a later Thumb can HERE.

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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    I am the high bidder now and will most likly stop there. I dont need it, want it? Yes, need it no. Maybe I need it, I dont know. Have at it!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Always wanted a pre war triple. Should I start with the can and build from there? Honey I bought the boat because I already had the oil can. Might be stretching it a bit. Happy 4th of July weekend.

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Rick here is a GREAT pre-war triple that I know well for sale. Being brokered by our good friend Kent O. Smith Jr.

      Only thing is you can’t buy this one till Larry and Ellen make the trip to St. John’s and Dora next spring.

  3. Martin
    Martin says:

    We have 18 people in a lake house made for about 8 this weekend. Mostly all freeloaders. I told them after dinner last night that if we passed the had and everyone put in 1,000 dollars each that would pay the propert tax for next year and they all looked at me,like what’s that for? After Monday they will be gone and I will have an empty refrigerator, trashed boat and a bill at the marina that I did not run up! Ho Well, I guess that family for ya!

  4. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I like the thinking Rick!

    Matt, that oil can looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff that has been artificially distressed. None of your readers should be fooled by a fake like that so you should get it cheap. That, and it also contains chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer, impotence, balding, and early onset Alzheimers.

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