Christinia's World Meets Chris Crafts World!


Fellow woodyboater Jim Staib of Fine Wood Boats sent us this great photo of an abandoned U22 in a field. I have loved this image and had it for a while and could not figure out why I would like a photo of a ratty boat in a field. And then it hit me. It’s the dream, the what if, and as an artist the composition of the image. Andrew Wyeth would be proud. Jim should check his gene pool though… Cause there may have been a visit to town from Mr. Wyeth at some point… Rumor has it he would wonder in to towns looking for subject matter posing as a milk man or pool guy… All kidding aside. This is the time of year were our dreams of restoration kick in. Imagine, driving along a country road. You see out of the corner of your eye… a familiar shape. As you look closer you see its a boat, a wonderful Chris Craft… Hacker, Gar Wood….. Could it be. You go up to the farmers door, knock… and an old man comes to the door… “yup, used to use the boat out on the lake fish’n with my pal Chris… Chris used to make these things… Great fish’n buddy”… You ask… “Would you like to sell her? The farmer says… “Well according to the Antique Boat Center and the chatter on the Boat Buzz and Woody Boater’s story on U22’s the 1951 Chris Craft U22’s are worth $40,000 when restored, also did you know they are having a U22athon….. and Dannenberg’s book says “….. You realize at that point that you are about to rear end a truck. Cause you have been asleep at the wheel….Sweat dreams!

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Matt, since you are the photo shop guru, perhaps you could merge the two images together – now that would be cool.

  2. WoodyBoater
    WoodyBoater says:

    Ha, I went there first. But thought that the art of the shot deserved its place in the story. jim did a great job. But I just added what i had done this AM… Thanks.

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