Classic Authentic Skippers Hats.. My Final Order Of The Year!

The Woodyboatress modeling a perfect white Skipper cap. With new old stock patch and gold buttons.

If you have been waiting to order a classic boat cap.. Now is the time.  I need to wait until I have an order of 12 to make the deal happen. We are at 9.. So the order is going out soon..We have sold over 40 of them this year…. With that said, they will come to you in 5 weeks or so.. So, that’s the last order before the year comes to an end.. OK, summer. If you are planning on a Christmas gift.. Speak up.. The hats are $175.00 each. Plus shipping.. usually in the $15 range. Click on the banner on the right of the page about classic boat hats if you want to know about them. These are the real deal and we here at Woody Boater are the exclusive retailers on them in the US.. It’s not to make bundles of mula by the way.. We pass the saving on to you.. If you want just one from Lancaster they are in the $275-$300 range.. They are available in original white, navy blue, black and Tan.. and for an extra 25 smackers.. Chris Craft style. Approved by Chris Craft and the Chris- Craft Antique Boat Club. We will need a hat size to get started.. I can be contacted at

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  1. Asher Griffith
    Asher Griffith says:

    Dear Ma’am or Sir,
    Would you be willing to send me one of the patches for the skipper hat. I already have a hat I’m rather fond of, but it needs an ornament.

    Thank you,
    Asher Griffith

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