Classic Boat Model Art, Makes You Want To Go Woody Boating.

Model 1

Lets go racing!

There is something special about the art work on Model boxes. I suppose its that an illustration captures an emotion of what boating is all about. It’s kinda silly, but it works far better than a photo of the real model built, or even the real boat in action. Here are just a small sample of ones we have found.

model 2

Lets go fishing!

model 5

Nice old Riviera model box!

model 6

She looks all alone back there

model 7

Darn Illustrations even make a fishing trawler look romatic.

Model 8

This one is amazing and done by Cal Smith, our pal Captain Krunchs father. He still has the original art on the wall. Its perfect and captures the romance of boating.

Cobra model 55

See, not as cool!


model 11

They all look so lonely though

Ok, maybe this one is cool, bad graphics, but cool boat.

Chris craft wood model

Maybe its the half way done romantic barn find project thing?



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  1. Steve Moreau
    Steve Moreau says:

    Use to love doing models, one of my favorites was a fairly large model of the USS Constitution (about 2’long) in battle formation cannon doors open and at the ready. Lots of little brown string on that model took quite awhile to get it together. What I wouldn’t give for the time to get back into it!

    • Ed F.
      Ed F. says:

      I remember spending days painting the cannons on that model. The rings were gold, the carriages were brown, even painted the wheels and the hubs on the wheels. I never got to the point of rigging the masts. It got dumped years ago. I also started a 30″ long Hacker Triple that hasn’t gotten finished yet. I still have that one so there is hope. Fortunately I have better record of finishing full size boats.

    • Ken Miller
      Ken Miller says:

      A couple of years ago we were traveling, waiting in an airport on layover. I saw several men with copies of “A Man and His Ship” and, even though I had brought along more than one book to entertain me in such circumstances, I ventured down the concourse to the book seller and bought a copy. It’s the biography of William Francis Gibbs and also the decades-long story of the development of the S. S. United States. I’d highly recommend it to those of you looking for a good read on these cold winter nights.

      • jim g
        jim g says:

        Walt Disney was so impressed with the SS Untied States ship when he rode on it. That he filmed a movie on it. The movie is called Bon Voyage!

      • Matt
        Matt says:

        They are getting closer to finding something to do with that ship. Amazing water craft, lots of secret design stuff in her hull, Large enough engines to power NYC at the time, and could be converted to military use in 24 hours. A true cold war battle ship. I was a passenger on it and will never forget it. If you want to see the real thing, its still in Phily harbor. In sad shape.

        • Sean
          Sean says:

          My Dad actually worked for Cunard until 1968 when everyone decided planes were better for Atlantic travel… The Queens (Mary & Elizabeth) and the Saxonia class (Franconia, Ivernia, Carinthia & Saxonia) were all popular in our house when I was small. We had a great love for ALL the steamships of the day with the SS United States as the Blue Riband holder maintaining a revered position. I hope to walk her decks someday (along with the Queen Mary).

          Until then I’ll settle for the SS Keewatin (built 1907) & moored close by in Port McNicoll , Ontario (on the edge of Muskoka) and Captained by my eldest brother. (not too many plastic models of her though)

  2. Hugger69
    Hugger69 says:

    Nice models!
    Have you folks seen this scratch built model from Sweden?

  3. Briant
    Briant says:

    Yeah, just what every kid wants… A fishing trawler.

    Now son, you can have any flavor of ice cream here and in that fancy chocolate dipped waffle cone, and three scoops!!

    Gee Dad, thanks but I’ll just have one scoop of vanilla in a cup….

  4. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    This brings back some great memories of daydreaming as a kid about what it would be like to have a real one. I would imagine this is responsible for getting a lot of us into this hobby.

    That Riviera is cool but I can’t imagine how difficult it would be to get a 1/2A engine running in there. I used to spend hours trying to start them on the front of model airplanes with easy access.
    Also, I wonder what the sturdy “Science-Wood” is they use. Maybe we could use that in our restorations. 🙂

    Denis D

  5. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    This one looks like a Riviera, too, but she’s a solid block of wood. I found her covered in many, many layers of white house paint. Now under restoration…I wonder if she was a kit with metal accessories, flags and upholstery, etc?

    She’ll make a nice addition to the Hot Tub Yacht Club fleet!

  6. Texx
    Texx says:

    Matt & I found this wooden runabout at the Lake Arrowhead Boat Show a few years ago. More of a toy than a model, but still cool.

  7. Texx
    Texx says:

    And the vintage artwork on the deck. Seaworthy Boats – Guaranteed to Sail. Chester A. Rimmer, Navel Architect.

  8. ianin
    ianin says:

    If you visit Bellini Cantieri on Lake Iseo you will get to see the largest collection of Riva boats and models. Its worth the trip to Lake Iseo

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