Classic Boatify A Hose Stand.

Adding a certain something something to the barn

One of the wonders of working from home, is between calls and working on work, when you take a break, you really get to take a break. I have over the years collected odd ball details of things and often thought mmmmm one day I will do something with this. Well this is that someday!

I had found these old porch railing supports. They stripped far easier than I thought. Added a 6×6 base to be able to dig it in.

15 coats no stain. I love old wood, I had no idea how this would end. Part of the fun of such things is to let it happen. I looked around the barn and found an old wheel, and then it hit me. Old Prop!

Some copper pipe, nut and bolt and bam! Hose holder

A good use of varnish and an old prop

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  1. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    A great idea that turned out beautiful, Matt! Fun to find useful ways to display “cool old stuff”. We used old Mini wheels.

  2. Alan Moore
    Alan Moore says:

    Great use of something that most people would have discarded, without giving it a second thought!

  3. mark a ferrara
    mark a ferrara says:

    Matt. I really like the look of your Barn/Shop. Can you give me the front dimensions. Door size and left, right widths. Thanks, Mark@LCI

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