Classic Boating 1991-2007 on eBay! Just In Time For Christmas.


Start building a bookshelf in the potty. Cause you got some private time reading to do now. I just got a set like this and it has been a joy. The older issues had cool stories, useful tips, and some amazing boats. Timeless stuff so who cares that there is an ad for a fully restored cobra for 20,000 bucks…and YOU missed it… 10 years ago… If you have it shipped. Do the pre sized post office box deal. I did and it was about 50 bucks from Nevada to Va… And they are heavvvvy!. Click here for the sale on eBay… 1 day left so chop chop…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    John Rothert, not anonymous, Old Mags:
    I have an "run" of WoodenBoat, Classic Boating, Most brass bells and lots of the most ancient of all RUDDER….great reading,
    I will be curious to see what the collection on ebay brings….guess soon someone with put all of it on a CD or whatever for 19.95…but that let's Matt out as he only read on the John, same place he obviously learned to smell…I mean SPELL….
    Have Thanksgiving to all….It blew 70MPH on the Rappahanock today…hailed also

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