Clive Cussler's New Book – The Adventures Of Hotsy Totsy – Due In May.

Casey and Lacy Nicefolk a brother and sister set of twins have a secret. A magical box in the barn that can turn any small object into a life size replica…. When the parents go out of town, the two decide to put the box to use. Taking a model boat, and create a fully functional magic boat that they take up the Sacramento River. Wait a minute, that’s not a magic box…. it’s a can of varnish and a big huge checkbook.. All kidding aside, Clive Cusler has been around as an author since the mid 60’s and has written some real fine books. You can find out more here, and if you want to buy the book. Shop here at amazon.

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Probably not the same "Hotsy Totsy" that I remember from my high school days some 50 years ago. It looks to be a very interesting book by a very good Author for my grand children to enjoy though (they'll not be hearing about the one from my past).

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