Cobra Tortures 10 Year Old On Lake Winnipesaukee!

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Cobra Ripping a Wake – If you look closely, the lift rings are correct

We got a fun, and relatable story from longtime fellow Woody Boater Ben Lasher. Somehow we are all still 10 years old around our boats. And an sliver of the joy we all bring folks when we roar across the water. Ya never know what other 10 year old is watching. Oh? The headline? I am teaching myself Clickbait headlines from the news.


Here is Ben’s story.
As disastrous as Covid has been, the company I work for near Boston closed the building in late March and directed everyone to work remotely through at least Labor Day (now modified to the end of the year). That has allowed me to live and work out of our Lake Winnipesaukee cottage in Winter Harbor, Wolfeboro NH; something I have dreamed about in the past and is now reality.

Ben, you could get a Darrel Bush painting?

A family around the corner from us on the lake has an awesome boat collection, including a Hacker designed Gold Cup racer, some version of a 1930’s Chris Craft Cabin Cruiser, and yes, a Cobra (and I’m sure there are more). CRANK IT UP!

Either they are playing much more with their toys this year due to COVID, or I just happen to see them more often because I am hear full time instead of just on weekends.

Anyway, as I am sitting at my dining room table working during the day and looking out on the lake, I can occasionally here the Cobra coming. It comes screaming around the corner as I jump up to find my phone so I can capture it on video.

I can’t tell you how many times I have jump, panicked, started the video, only to have missed the Cobra as it has by then sped by the front of the cottage and around the corner out of site.

I can’t tell you how many videos I have of the dining room table, my fingers, maybe upside down shots of my toes, followed by a fraction of a second of a Cobra

Then I will wait for it to come back, but it’s return route is always on the other shore, resulting in a well planned video, but from a long distance away.

Anyway, my main point is that, as impressive as the Cobra is in stories on Woody Boater, to see one fly by and to hear the roar of its power plant, is exhilarating!!

I’m attaching a couple videos that I was able to capture (sort of). One of them shows it cruising with its sister, Scotty Two, a replica of a Gold Cup racer.

This helps. I cleaned it up.. No? mmmm Feel Tortured? See! Its a concept article

Scotty TWO  the boat being referenced, this boat is a Mark Mason masterpiece and owned by the Marriotts. Was that you Bill torturing Ben?

If you want to see more of Mark Masons art, here is a link to some of his perfection! HERE


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  1. Uncle Mike K
    Uncle Mike K says:

    too blurry to see which way the rings are facing!

    by the sound, does it have the cadiillac?


  2. Denis D
    Denis D says:

    As of 2017, Typhoon was still owned by a Lake Winnipesaukee resident. This is a model of Typhoon that the owner keeps in his boathouse.

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Not me. No way. The sale pains me to no end. That red launch is insane cool and is Godfather. All this stuff belongs in a museum. Oh..wait..

  4. Mark in da U P
    Mark in da U P says:

    Cool story! I have had the pleasure of ripping across lake Winnipesaukee in a woody. A couple of years ago while at Lake Winnipesaukee, we took a ride on Millie B. A reproduction 30’ Hacker. What a ride!. You’re rightly Matt, it’s a relatable story

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