Complete The Classic Boat Package With Your Own Woody Boater Truck.

So you have this tasty classic boat. Sure it looks great in the water. But how bout on the street? More folks see your cool classic boat on the road than on the water. There you are towing your cool boat with some lame mini van. Nooooooooo!!!! What to do? What to do? First you ether need a big SUV or truck. In this case we suggest a truck. The SUV thing is still too station wagonish. Now get your self a classic color. No new hip colors. Like evening dusk, something period. OK. Now the trick is to add some texture, wood graphics. The main thing here is to not do to much. has some great vinyl material. The kind used on minivans from the 90’s ironically is the best. It goes on with a soapy water. I personally like leaving the door blank, your call. It gives a break so the woods transition/blend from your boat to the truck. The designers at ford did this idea in the early 2000 model of the Lincoln Pick up truck. IT was all black. Very cool looking, understated, BUT what the hell, no 4 wheel drive. What were they thinking. That truck was perfect except for that one thing. And they kill it because of low sales. I wonder why it did not sell??? Anyway I digress in my bitterness, try the wood graphics, they are cheap and easy to do and if you hate it, take it off. If you are the adventurous type, they have many different types of wood. Happy Trailering..