Cool Old Classic Boat Footage On eBay


Make up your own story, This is aunt Glady’s she never really liked boats or the water until the summer when she returned from typing school.. And Juan the gardener was working on the boat.. She arrived on a plane, the family got together.. it’s all there.. So.. You got some old boat that has no history.. Now you have a history.. Call your boat Glady’s…. All the footage to make up your own drama is there.. You can buy the footage here on eBay,

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  1. matt
    matt says:

    Yes! I just spit out my coffee.. She is not happy, and the entire family looks like they are in pain in the other clips.. I am telling ya, there is a funny story in this..

  2. Texx
    Texx says:

    The dude that’s driving the boat is thinking to himself “It looks like somebody forgot to take their happy pills this morning…”

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    Better yet, the girls in the boat are in a bad mood because all the popular girls on the lake got to go for a ride with Tony, the rich kid in the fancy new red Coronado with the Hemi and the…

  4. matt
    matt says:

    She clearly is board with me and my futile attempts to de bug the video deal on this.. Thanks for your patience. It will be fixed by tomorrow.. Ahhhhh!

  5. rdapron
    rdapron says:

    Guess we know why they are in the aft cockpit. That is one of the nice features of a boat with an aft cockpit – something lost on todays boat designs.


    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Rob – I never realized that the aft cockpit could be used for that application, but now that you mentioned it, I guess it makes sense. No wonder the triple cockpit runabouts are so popular. We can always learn something new at Woody Boater!

  6. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Thats a funny clip. A comment on the new site: The emperor has no clothes. Its very busy and cluttered. The deal of the week button doesnt work. I know its a lot of new work, and I feel your pain as I cant get anyone to work on my own website!
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy

  7. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Ok Grumpy you broke the ice.
    Matt, I’m lost,I’m sorry mate but when something you love is going wrong it’s the right thing to say something right? I’m frustrated, I’m loosing interest and I’m sooooo disappointed .
    My oasis of calm in the woody digital world is gone. I don’t know where to look anymore. The site has lost it’s simplicity. It used to be about boats now its about confusion and too many options. I don’t need or want to know who from where just clicked in. That’s back room analysis stuff. It’s all over the place and we’ve lost something here. We’ve lost the smell of varnish and gas and now I smell a strong whif of geeks. Geeks will tell us ” this is all cool because this links to that links to this. The readers will love it because it’s all content and that’s what your followers want.” Well I don’t. I want the geeks to go back to playing x box while they tweet and socially network and let me have the worlds best daly boating news back.
    Honestly Matt the site is trying to cram way to much onto the page and it’s become as complicated as Chinese arithmetic.
    Please go simple. Wood, varnish,chrome and fuel. That’s all I ask.

  8. Woody
    Woody says:

    Thanks Phil. If it’s overwhelming to you it’s insane for me.. I could not agree more. I have wanted to design this thing from the readers perspective. So comments that are honest are beyond helpful. I did want an area for more sticky stories like the woody boater of the month.. But the feedlot thing is as you said back room crap and just wrong! More changes coming! Thanks

  9. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    See, like a chat down at the boat shed among the wood shavings and Old Salem hard racing copper. On ya Matt. Phil

  10. Woody
    Woody says:

    Jesus! What a small world. This is the exact subject of today’s story. I waited tl Monday our big reader day and after a week of testing to say your exact words..

  11. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Phil & Woody Boater, I’m not a fan of x-box and I’m (by far) not a back room computer geek but I still like the new Woody Boater site. I believe that it represents progress in the right direction. I like the Boat Buzz connection and the Sticky Stories. I wish that all of the links would show up, they seem to be stuck on the letter E for now.

    I like that you don’t need to scroll down endlessly to see yesterday’s or day before yesterday’s story. I like clicking once to see it and all of the comments that go with it. It brings the comments into the stories, makes them a live part of the stories. That’s a big improvement in my opinion. The daily posts are great but reading the comments, even days later, adds greatly to the posts.

    As with anything new, there’s always a period of fine tuning, fixing glitches, etc. but I like it all so far and I’m grateful for the progress. I still can smell the fresh varnish from my prospective.


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