Cushions. Just Boat Cushions. No Covid Cushions, Just Cushions.

Stay Home – Stay -On

Ya know the best part of classic boat cushions? They can’t give you a virus. Yup. Little known fact. See, they are buried in boat storage areas, and in garages, attics. The real world does not apply anymore. They are not PC, and made from god and a chemist only knows of what. And to date, we have not heard of anyone getting sick from one.

Maybe it’s the vinyl? Or the design. Personally I LOVE CUSHIONS.. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Roll around on them while eating ice cream and watching Tiger king. that kinda good.

All kidding aside, they are a wonderful form of art. Timeless art. They evoke a memory, an emotion and every now and then, soften your tushy or back.

And they add a certain accessory pizazz to a ordinary interior. OH SNAP!

Enjoy the fabulous Gallery Of Cushions

The ever popular classic babe cushion

This would look great in a Plaid interior

Love this. Clean yet Dramatic.


Sometimes a simple color can be very nice. Especially if your interior has texture

Classic red with a white piping

Seems silly til you need it. Is there a cushion in the house?

There is an entire series of Admiral Blackie..

Fun stuff.

NOS Knot cushion..

Thanks to longtime fellow WoodyBoater BobbyBoat for these wonderful cushions. Here are some more from our past.

She likes her carbs! Triple Carb Mermaid

Pre War Babe – One of the best

Palomino cushion

These are all made into shirts now. our cushion series

Always needed. Which way do I turn? I don’t know check the cushion.

Great ones have the labels on them

Adds a certain look

I use mine to sit one to lift me up. This was the older interior

And you can match them up with vintage life jackets

A set of matching cushions on Termite Terror

Wonderful fishing cushion. This was NOS

Helps protect your finish when.. well you get towed in

Very simple, and a textured version. Very nice.

This cushion was auctioned off at Torch lake, 700 bucks!

Close up of what Chad was holding Like the Blue one above, this one is in red


Another wonderful water ski cushion

The Mid Century ish Twin Dolphin cushion on this Arena Craft Manta is PERFECT

In WECATCHEM with her new Red Interior we have a set of 4 Blue Cushions. The dogs love them

You can use them as boosters for the vertically challenged crew

I just got this wonderful Cushion blanket thing. All set for WECATCHEM

And then there is this for a grand finale! ! WOW. Ohhh, AHHHHH Dave Bortner Collection from Freedom Boat Service

SHAMELESS PLUG ALERT. We have an entire collection of Vintage Boat Cushion Series T-Shirts at our stuff store. Collect them all! CLICK HERE.  The shop is OPEN, If you like each can be put through bleach, then washed 400 times.  Then bleached again. a person in a Hazmat suite folds them. Puts them in a plastic bag, where they are baked at 500 degrees for 3 hrs. The good news is its safe. Not sure how a burnt melted white t shirt with plastic melted into it will look. but your safe.

21 replies
  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I am throwing the cushions in the whirlwind today and Going Boating…how cushy is that!

    John in Va.

  2. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    I remember the Admiral Blackie ones when I was a kid. Perhaps NOT PC in today’s world, but a bit of a window on socially acceptable advertising from back in the day.

  3. Mike U
    Mike U says:

    Quite a few very cool cushions. As a kid, I remember the ‘Rules of the Road’ one vividly. Wasn’t fortunate enough to have a mermaid one. Another factor that makes all these cushions great – Made in the U.S.A.

  4. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da I P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da I P ) says:

    I liked the cushion story today. Really enjoyed the use of vintage boat babes in your display. I picked up a vintage cushion up at an antique show last fall, the price was right and I thought it was cool

  5. tom
    tom says:

    Love these cushions,especially the pinups.Are there repros available? I see Katelyn has some custom ones in her pink runabout.(Which I see at the shows every year.)

  6. David Katz
    David Katz says:

    In 1958 in a borrowed Chris-Craft kit wooden speedboat with a 25 Evinrude. I was 8 and riding while my day pulled my uncle on skis. When my uncle was way out on one side my dad turned the boat in that direction. When the slack came out of the rope it pulled the boat over with me on the high side. I went as deep as I could and stayed down as long as I could because the last thing I saw was the boat following me over. When I came up I was surrounded by all the flotation cushions which formerly had been the boat’s upholstery. (The picture is taken from the spot where it happened 6o years earlier)

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