Dare I Say It?


Hessel, Photo Salter Watson.

When we came up with the term Last Gasp, for the end of the year boat rides before we tuck them away. In no way did I think about that term in the COVID era. Well, here we are. The start of Last Gasp season. Spectacular Sunsets, tree colors and humid free days. The sun is lower creating wonderful lighting, and knowing the season is about to end, makes each throttle turn that much more special.

Scotch is great a little colder

Today we are featuring Alex Watsons gasping up in Hessel. Thats way up there, and where Last Gasping season starts.


Sunsets up North

Majestic with a hint of gold


That just looks cold! Yikes, WINTER IS COMING!

The one silver lining, or gold lining in Alex’s case, is that this marks 2 years of living in the COVID era. With Vaccines now rolling out for kids, there is hope that mankind can take this on. Hopefully by spring, as in Lake Dora, we will have gotten control of all this and can have a wonderful reunion in Florida.

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  1. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    Yeah, last gasp comes early up here in da U P. It now gets into the 40s at night, high in low 60s during the day. Just like Alex’s pictures . It beautiful. The trees are turning sunsets are spectacular but lower on the horizion, and the afternoons are windy. The warm boating days are definitly gone.

    • Gil Grant
      Gil Grant says:

      I will soon have a last gasp on the Niagara River and Erie Canal , but three days later will launch back in
      The St. John’s in Florida,.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Matt, I am genuinely concerned about your apparent obsession with this virus. It shouldn’t be a topic on the top of your mind every day and influencing so many of your stories. It’s not healthy. You really need to let the COVID thing go. It’s a virus, like many that have come before. Human immune systems are pretty good at beating these things, and we have vaccines that are fairly helpful in addition to the growing natural immunity. Your odds of survival are extremely high.

    At this point, our collective reaction to virus and our continued media driven obsession with it is doing far more harm than the virus itself. We now know that even vaccinated people can get infected and spread the virus which means there will be no “herd immunity” where it just goes away so it’s going to be around for years if not forever. OTOH, very few who have been vaccinated or who have natural immunity from prior infections are dying.

    We need to learn to live with this thing just like we live with every other disease, and go on with our lives. It’s important, if not critical, for our mental health to not allow ourselves to remain in fear. For you and anyone reading this who finds COVID is on their mind often, try to tune out the media and social media and please seek help and talk to someone.

  3. Chug-A-Lug
    Chug-A-Lug says:

    Ditto on last comment.The wife and I had covid last March.Then to drive through Canada,we had to be fully vaccinated.With all the stuff we have,I just look up and say”What’s next”?

  4. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    Fall is my favorite time to boat here on the Chesapeake. Cooler out on the water and the fall foliage on the water on a slow cruise is heavenly .. Stay well and go boating… 🙂

  5. Ross
    Ross says:

    My nursing and health care friends would love to get their hands around the throats of COVID naysayers, who have not seen the worst reality of COVID.

    My heart goes out to those innocents, especially health care workers, school teachers and children who have suffered because normally rational adults don’t take appropriate precautions

    664,000 dead to date
    1/3 of COVID patients become long haulers
    Oh, yeah, it us just like the flue or common cold.

    Enjoy the fall colors safely. Better paranoid than dead or wishing you had died

    • Ron in Seattle
      Ron in Seattle says:

      181,000,000 people agree with you… myself included. Idaho was a bit scary, no masks, hospitals full of covid, sending ER patients to washington. I’ve never had polio, TB, mumps, chicken pox, thanks to vaccines. Neither have most all of those who now protest, who cause more variants, and more death.

      • Phil Little
        Phil Little says:

        And as God said to granny, when she arrived at the pearly gates after not surviving the flood after refusing multiple rescues, and wanted to know why the Big Guy did not provide for her anyway: “Well, I sent ya 3 boats!!”


      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        I hate to bring “science” into an emotional discussion, but…

        1) those of us who are vaccinated can still become infected, can still infect others, and can still serve as the host of the next variant mutation. That’s not debatable, it’s something we now know with 100% certainty.

        2) There is no evidence that typical cloth masks will have a significant impact in the spread of the delta variant which effectively spreads as an aerosol. The initial data suggests virtually no benefit at all, except for properly fitted N95 type masks which are still far from perfect. Everything else is just theater to make people feel better.

        The only thing proven to work is the vaccines which have been shown to offer pretty good protection against serious illness and very good protection against death. BUT, the protection is only for the person vaccinated. The vaccines do not protect others from you the way we thought they might back in December. There will be no “herd immunity” even if 100% of the population got vaccinated with the current vaccines. We need to stop vilifying the unvaccinated based on outdated assumptions, propaganda, and lies. Simply put, it is not an effective form of persuasion, and it’s just going to make things more political and less science based.

        • Mike in Michigan
          Mike in Michigan says:

          Thanks for bringing “science” into the discussion. But the proof is in the references. I would love to see the data you are referring to. I try to not go by second hand information, but the actual references. I bristle when “science” is brought into a discussion, but not the actual data. This is not a science forum, but if you want to treat it like one, don’t talk down to folks, give the refs and data so the other scientists on this list can either be educated or point out the holes in the data.

          • m-fine
            m-fine says:

            If you seriously need a reference to know that vaccinated people are getting infected, you could start with the Provincetown study, or the Israeli study. Or note that fully vaccinated people make up a small but significant portion of the currently hospitalized population across the US. Check your local health department, ours has periodically published the numbers in our county. Or perhaps if you prefer sports, the NFL has had fully vaccinated players and coaches getting infected (Mike Vrabel for example, or the Saints) that have been documented in the media.

        • Mike in Michigan
          Mike in Michigan says:

          — My apologies for continuing this discussion on a Wooden Boat forum ……. but for clarification, this is a reference : Brooks JT, Butler JC. Effectiveness of Mask Wearing to Control Community Spread of SARS-CoV-2. JAMA. 2021;325(10):998–999. doi:10.1001/jama.2021.1505. (JAMA = Journal of the American Medical Assocation)

          There is no dispute that some vaccinated individuals can still be infected. That was known with the first vaccine clinical trials (indicating a >90% protection rate). This all the more supports the use of masks in conjuction with vaccination in areas of high endemic/community spread (which is nearly everywhere). For a weekly scientific discourse, I can recommend the blog, “This Week in Virology”, paneled by virologists and guest scientists.

  6. Mike K
    Mike K says:

    I’m staying away from the politics though I probably have more experience than others here with the Covid
    After a year and a half every has there mind made up by now

    Mor importantly ncis starts tonight
    Maybe we will know how the boat blew up

  7. steve bunda
    steve bunda says:

    No matter what side or position one takes on covid , it will be contrary to others.
    One size for all does not work in any and all mandates.
    I would like to see data on past viruses , including all intense cols, flu, bronchitis, and others. Broke down by all the subgroups of people. It probably does not exist . Time will tell and prove many. current hypothesis. Or not?
    Are some elected officials making it political? You bet and that is the sad part.
    Live Life , Love and Laugh , go boating and take precautions that make sense to you.
    Steve and Laurie

  8. Robert Lyman
    Robert Lyman says:

    The boating season in the California Delta is still underway and the best delta boating days are still ahead of us! It’s been a long hot windy and smokey summer and the weather is finally starting to mellow. In 2 weeks we have the annual ACBS Delta Cruise, one of several wonderful events from the Northern California – Lake Tahoe Chapter. Despite news reports to the contrary, not all of California is on fire! Thank you Matt for the great photos!

  9. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    Where is Matt? All these Covid posts should be taken down!!! I do not come here to read this Bull sh#t. Including your Covid remarks, MATT…
    You are about to lose a 10-year reader.

  10. David Hughes
    David Hughes says:

    This is a wood boat forum guys…not a scientific journal and as much as I appreciate m-fine’s learned observations on the matter let’s get back to the subject.

    Thank you.

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