Darrell Bush Unveils New Cobra Painting!

Darrell's newest painting. Size 14x20. you saw it here first.

Darrell’s newest painting. Size 14×20. you saw it here first.

You might, or might not have  met Darrell at various boat shows up in the Lake Geneva area. Darrel is an amazing artist who is doing more than beautiful art, but an artist that is in love with Woody Boats. We are proud to unveil his latest wonder. The top painting of the Cobra is just finished . Along with doing commissioned stuff, he also has paintings for sale on his cool website. CLICK HERE. That’s his home page so you can learn more.. And if you are lost, you can click here at go straight to his page on boats. One cool special option he can do is put a custom name on one of the paintings. How cool is that?

Put your own name on your barrel back

Put your own name on your barrel back

You can tell all your friends that you are a patron of the arts.  Open your own gallery in the garage now slash art wing of your vast estate. You can seek gifts from other art patrons like you, maybe get an art grant. Add “wald” or “feller” at the end of your last name. Alex Watsonfeller! Or Chad Durrenwald.. Oh yah.. You sound fancy pants for sure..  Hold openings of art like things, skinny fashion models will want to be around you. Really….. See, just buying one painting of a boat on a lake can set you up in style. Thanks Woody Boater! ahhh don’t mention it.. Thanks Darrell!

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  1. MikeM
    MikeM says:

    Those are awesome arts. I bet Chad Durrenwad is on the phone with his lawyers right now checking to see if his patent on the “Lily pad off transom” is being infringed upon in those paintings.

  2. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    My son and I watched this gentleman painting right on the docks at The Abbey…really great to see artists painting their marine subjects right at the shows. Paint ours next? 🙂

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